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When People learn to Talk

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1 year ago
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When People learn to talk

As humans we learn to talk at our early age, we talk about love, peace and at the same time hate. We use our voice to communicate and express our selves. Sometimes our expression can hurt and sometime it can benefit other. That`s why we need to think every word we want to say.

Do we use our voice properly? Did we really mean every word we said? Can we voice out what we want to say? Now a days people just talk and talk nonsense, we talk about other people`s bad sides whle we can`t fix our self. We talk about peace while we fund and support wars. We talk about equality while we want to be above others. We talk about how to help but we all we want is fame. We tell lies to save our self. Isn`t it disturbing how humans evolve?

Peace from War

Did the word peace change its meaning? Because when we talk about peace, the following word will be war and blood. We benefit when our country is in peace, but do we know how peace is achieved?

From war we achieved peace, but why start war in the first place. From the beginning of time people always wage war for many purposes, for expansion of land, revenge, anger toward other race, greed, advancement, oil, water, power, religion, belief and mainly to boast how powerful and great they are. Many people die because of war, many innocent people die and many loss their homes. Many countries rise while others fall.

But they said “ What`s done is done” right? Now a day there are several wars still on going in different parts of the world, they fight under many issues. But with war hatred will grow, pain will rise and it will go on and on. It will never stop until we accept and understand each other. It will only stop until we learn to call each other as brothers and sisters.

“We can only achieve true peace when we open our mind”

Greatest Lie ever told

People speak lies more than truth and it bothers me. We lie every day, we lie to out family and friend, we lie to our self about things we don`t want to know and other lie to either to protect or to hurt us. We live in the world full of lies starting from the government. The government fed as us lie to calm us down. They say every thing is in control but it`s not. They said many promises during elections but it`s still a lie

We lie to our self to make us feel better, we don`t want to know the truth to prevent those tears to come out and drop. We are comfortable with lie, it can make us happy but as long as we lie to our self we are unconsciously destroying our self until we just collapse and break. Truth will always be painful and harsh, but it`s just how it is. We can`t live our life in lie forever we need to commit a big step in the truth to know the real strength we posses and that will make us more stronger.

No lie can hide the truth, and the truth can`t hide a lie.

Crucified for opinion

Can we really voice out what we want to say? When we say our opinion toward things, other will disapprove while other will approve. When we say something some one will be offended and rant about it in the social media. So to make it short, we can`tsay what we really want,because we will be judged bases on it. Even it`s about some thing good, other will not accept it. It`s so confusing, as long as we continue this kind of mentality many people will be afraid to speak, people will be silent even they want to use their voice for change. People will remain silent even they know something is wrong.

People can`t agree and accept a single fact. Instead of accepting the truth they will become offended.

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Written by   46
1 year ago
Topics: Write, Facts, Reading, Reality, True Story, ...
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