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Not even a month since the year 2021 started but may issues and bad news slowly arising specially hear on the Philippines. Corruption and Covid-19 pandemic is still a problem and there is no great action is being done. People are going crazy because of the new variant spreading. In addition, this past week news about a rape victim blew in social media and everyone is talking about it.

There is one issue that spark rage in the social media in the Philippines. Is the death of a flight stewardess, the news said that the woman is raped by 11 man that is her co-workers. But the case is still open and the police is still investigating. Because of this issue many people take sides and make theories of their own.

Many people become more aggressive and hard in the social media. Because of the media manipulation people take side and express their own opinion and some people don`t accept it and the craziness enlarged. Until now people are debating about it, some say it is the woman`s fault and some says that rape is rape and there will be no rape if there is no rapist and some says that the 2 side is to blame.

The police fabricated lies that make the situation more complicated and confusing. The police said that there is sperm found on the scene and the victim die because of aneurysm, they also said that there is laceration in the private part of the victim but it is healed meaning the wound is prior to the incident. Based on this reports people make theories that some make sense and some are not.

Because of this issue I decided to make poem and post in facebook and hear in I hope my words reach your heart and mind. I hope many people can read and spread it, and I hope it brings awareness to many people. Rape is a long time problem in many countries in the world. Everyday there are people being raped whether male or female, young or old there is no exception. Some of the victims keep the incident a secret because victims are just being blamed when they tell the story. Because of this rape culture many criminal are still on loose and the rape will never end until every one cooperate.

I know justice change a lot these days and it become more chaotic. Rich have high chance to get one, but poor just hope for the best. Justice is controlled by power, so when you don`t have the right power, you know what I mean. I hope this kind of justice ends, I hope justice find its own eye, equal and fair. I hope this nonsense end and we attain the true peace.

This is the poem, I hope you like it. It`s title is "Victim"

Media manipulation, close minded opinions

We are unconsciously building walls

Well fabricated lie and poorly built truth

Who will we trust when the justice turns

Blood on the dance floor, blood on their hands

Point blank, dead shot where`s the story at?

When the rich died, now the poor can hide

They say we are at peace but we are drowning in blood

Those wide mouth, sharp teeth, thick scale know how to play well

Mask on, rope tied, we can`t breath

Face shield, eye shut, we can`t see well

Scope on, magazine filled, those white flag turns red

Bath tub, scarred pride

Judas was hanged. Peter denied, 11 apostles on loose

Romans said hunt them down

They might die, but still we don`t know the truth

Now telling the truth is a crime? I`m so confused

When we open our minds and mouths we are crucified

They throw stones to the wise and they throw coins to the dumb

Now I know how those uniforms were formed

Everyone opinion is important but we must also remember that not everyone will respect it and everyone has opinion. Having an opinion and voicing it out is our freedom, and it help us express our self. But now a days having an opinion is like digging your own grave, people will attack, some people will take It personally and they might hurt you.

I hope the truth come out soon so justice become clear. I hope people see the truth more than the lie. Let`s be all aware

"If we`re not aware we might loss"

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2 years ago


In life we can axpect anything to happen.I am always sorry for unnecessary victims.Your poem is nice.I like it a lot.

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2 years ago

Yeah life is life. Thank you very much.

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2 years ago