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Time is a Gift

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October 4, 2021

our life moves continuously, always going forward and as days, months and years go by, the movement becomes faster and faster. The way it moves becomes destructive for us and sometimes it moves for good. As fast our life gets, it becomes fast for us to forget small things and even the big things that happen in our life. We tend to be not excited anymore about what is happening now or what will happen tomorrow because we think that there is another day for something to happen. We become focused on waiting on things that we want to happen and we did not look to the things that are happening at the moment. And before we noticed it, the moment is gone and we can`t go back at it

When we are a child

When we are a child, every small thing in our life is big for us, we celebrate every occasion we know, we remember even the day that our parents bought out first toy car or toy gun. We never forget the first day of school or the first time our teacher praises us in front of the whole class.

as a child we don`t worry about anything, we don`t know many words and things yet and we see the world filled with candies, rainbows, and things or places we need to explore. We did not know about time and death, all we know is how to play, eat, rest, and past time the whole day.

As we grow older every day and many knowledge come to our mind it is the time that everything will change, but it is too dar for a child.

When we grow older

When we grow older and older, the slower the time gets. This is the crucial part of our life, the age of 15- 18. This time of our life will affect us deeper we can imagine. This time, we can remember almost all the things that are happening in our life.

The good and the bad will hunt us for a long time. And in this part of our timeline, we can overlook many things, we look far, we think what our life will be when we move out, or what it will be when we turn adult.

I think it is normal for a kid to think ahead and look for something that Is not there in the moment. It is normal that his or her imagination is very wild, thinking anything will be possible and all his or her plans will go smoothly.

And we all know how our life works, it will try hard to ruin our life and when we survived the first trial, we will try harder and harder every time until we give in to the pressure, it will try hard until we break down and what`s next?

We will try to rebuild ourselves from the ground up, we will rebuild in a wise and knowledgeable way. This time we know many things and lessons in life and when we handle it and listen to it carefully, it will bring us far in our life.

The Start of the Adult Life

Remember when we are a kid, we always think ahead every time, always think that we want to grow fast and want to be an adult. Know here we are. As I said, as a kid we always look far and when we are there, we tend to look back and regret almost everything we do.

We focus so much on the things that are not happening, and we forget the present where we live in, and when the moment past we will look back and said that "If I can go back in time"

How many times did you said that phrase is how many times that you regret that you did not use your time right. We are to focus on the goal that we want or sometimes goal that we don`t even want. We are so focused that we forget anything around us, we don`t notice many times in our life that is important.

When we look back and see nothing, what stories will we tell to other people that we meet? What stores you will tell your future wife and child? That you become something? Then what?


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Written by   41
1 month ago
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