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It is easy to judge people by the way they look, talk or walk. It is easy to observe and see what is their next action and what will be the result of its base on who we are observing. The way they hold to look at different people will give us a clue how we should approach that person. The way they walk will give us a hint on how confident they are in what they are doing or where they are going.

They said that first impression will last forever, do you believe in that saying? I think this is both true and false, it is based on the people that are doing the first impression. In our lifetime, we meet different people, and those people we meet also meet different kinds of people. In their lifetime and our lifetime we will know what to do and to do when we are meeting certain people for the first time. And based on that experience we can change the way we talk to strangers and the way we will act or the way we will change our behavior when we are meeting a person for the first time.

First Impression Always last

When we follow the saying "first impression always last" we are simply caging or limiting the power of a people to change. And also we are limiting our self to see how people will change and the beauty behind it. We will not see the people change when we believe in this kind of saying, even the people change for us or they change to benefit others, we will not see it because we are looking to their characteristics of the past.

This will be destructive for the people that put a lot of effort to change and the people around them will not see it because they are believing in that kind of saying. I think this kind of saying was invented because back in the days, they are not changing a lot. As we can see in the older generation, they act the way they are back in the days and until now. I think that is the reason why that saying is invented and popularized.


When understanding and defining people on a deeper level, is so hard. Even those who study the human can't give you an explanation of who and what you are. Our mind is very vast and deep, the more we try to think and learn on a day-to-day basis, it will become deeper and wider.

We can't just judge or define people and expect that their behavior will last until the day they die. That is one of the toxic ways people look at other people, For example, is when a person does bad things, other will people will look at him or her like that, that this kind of person is like that and will remain like that forever.

The human mind will change every day even every minute of the day. It can be happy in a minute and sad or angry in the next minute. It may want to have a certain thing and will hate it the next hour. That kind of behavior is common among kids buts even adults have that behavior, admit it or not, it is true.

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Written by   46
1 month ago
Topics: Poetry
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