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My Own Definition of Change

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1 month ago
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September 14, 2021

With my monitor still broken, I`m still in quarantine and I almost clean the whole house, I think there`s nothing left to do but to lie in bed all day and all night. I think there`s nothing left to talk about but I don`t want to left this page empty, so let me tell you a story about how people define change and how it affects everything around them, and the different ideas of change that different people have.

They said change is what makes us humans, our ability to move faster than any other living creature on earth, but is it always good, or do we always need change? Many people embrace the idea of change, they said it is useful and it will result in improvement. In some ways it is good and sometimes it is bad. We see that not many people can cope with that change and they were left to chase the change, but what will happen if they don`t chase the change? They will be left behind? They will be dumb or what?

See, different people have different times when one person is left behind with the fast-changing world, they will have a choice to chase the change or live in that time where they are left behind. Being left behind will open other possibilities, open many more doors and opportunities for change. Those who are left behind will cope with that situations and will progress with their own time, own definition of change, and own definition of progress.

As we see in the indigenous people of the Philippines in Baguio City they are fighting for their definitions of progress or change. As years go by we see that many trees are cut out of the forest of Baguio City to provide room for tourists and some time for agriculture, and the government and some people believe that is the definition of change or improvement. They believe improvement can see in how many tall buildings they have or how much they can earn per year. But Aeta`s definition is different, change or improvement of one community or oneself must bring good impact to the environment, change and improvement must be for the development of the environment, for the protection of the environment because they believe that nature provides everything that they need.

See? In that behavior and thinking of the Aetas, we see how people change and some don`t, some choose to be left behind because of what they believe or what suits them very well. That is how we can tell and see that humans have a different timeline, what if we think we move fast but in other`s eyes we are moving slow or we are moving backward?

My definition of change is simple, Slowly changing and improving while building oneself for what is ahead. Build the strength both physically and mentally so that I am ready for whatever obstacle change might bring. Change for me for the greater good of the many rather than the few. Change must benefit both body, mind, and spirit, you must not take advantage of one of those three. Life is step by step, it`s not a race, it`s about how many lessons you learn during the journey and how many people you become friends with.

Change can wait while we know that we can`t change right away, but don`t be stuck at a certain point of your life, to the point that you are rejecting every possible way of change. When you are not ready It`s okay, just gradually build yourself for the next step of your life.

One of the greatest changes is when Pangea broke up about 299 million years ago. Pangea is a supercontinent that incorporates almost all the landmass of the earth and it is surrounded by the global ocean called the Panthalassa. It is the greatest change, why? It gives the animal a chance to evolve, many animals will not survive in Pangea and even we have no chance of surviving that massive landmass. in Pangea, there are limited places to live, with this massive landmass few waters can reach the middle of it making the center of it a massive arid land. Storm and other calamities will be harsher and it can last many days or months. That's why it is the greatest change, all benefits from it.

September 15, 2021

Finally, my new monitor arrived and it is time to work hard to lessen all the work that file up for almost 1 week. The new monitor will be fun, I will rearrange my workspace and I will try to make It simple and comfortable.

For the whole day, I just rearrange my room to make way for my new setup, and is fun and relaxing to see that my dream setup is happening. The only missing part of my dream setup is the office chair and a good desk lamp or floor lamp. Once I get those two it will be the perfect workspace for me.

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Written by   38
1 month ago
Topics: Facts, Medicine, Reading, Shortstory, Tips, ...
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