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2 months ago

September 20, 2021

I woke late today because I sleep late last night. I`m so excited about my new setup and my new guitar. As soon as I get up, I open my computer and set up all the things that I need. I have a class at 11:00 am and I finished all the school activities. After that, I cooked my meal and eat.

After all that I set up my guitar and practice for almost 7 hours, I`m amazed for myself that I lasted that long. Playing guitar is one of the most fun things I can do especially because I can`t go outside and I`m still under quarantine.

When I`m playing the guitar that my cousin and girlfriend gave me, I feel very motivated to get better and better every day, I`m always playing it like it is my last. I started playing at 12:oo in the afternoon and finished at 7:00 in the evening, I just stop when I need to eat and go to the comfort room. I feel so fulfilled with the outcome of my practice today and I'm so happy how my cousin and girlfriend gifted me a guitar.

At night, after I`m done cleaning I seat and make a coffee, I think it`s time to think about some thought that is floating in my head the whole day. Every day at the time I wake up there is something in my head that I can`t explain, I don`t if is an idea or what but it is always there. Sometimes I will have a break in everything and just think about it and sometimes I will choose to ignore it but the next day it is still there.

So every day I will have a time off and think about to calm my mind. Here it is...

We all have something that we really want to do, like things that will keep us awake at night even we are tired, this that always circling around our head and it never goes away. And even we are not thinking about it feels like the world is trying to tell us something by putting up clues, and we will think that it is just a coincidence, but what if it is not? What if that thing that you wanted to always do is the one that will change your life forever?

Some of us humans are always scared to risk something for the next step of our life. Even I am stuck at this point in my life. We are so scared to commit and we just let the opportunity slip away in our hands.

I know this because I am suffering from this for a long time. I am too scared to go out of my comfort zone, I have many alibis so I can`t move to form my place of comfort. Like for example, If I need something or want something and I have no money and I think the answer is to find a job and work, but I`m too afraid. After that, I will think about all the alibis that I can think of so I will not move away from comfort.

That is the bad thing about us humans, sometimes we choose to stay in our little cave rather than grab an opportunity that has a chance to change our whole life. It is repeating every time and we are doing nothing about it until we are on the edge and we have to make a decision.

And when that day comes we will have a hard time both physically and mentally. I don`t have the solutions to this problem, because like many of us I`m still suffering from it, even I move a little every day. The true solution is in our self and we don`t have plenty of time left to find it.

Now with all these words out of my mind, I am calm now and have time to rest. I think I`ll end my night playing guitar and watching youtube videos.

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Written by   42
2 months ago
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