I`m so Thankful

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This past year is terrible with all the problem and issues that the world is going thru. Almost all the bad headlines happened last year new virus that can`t be treated, volcanoes erupting, flood, earthquake and massive explosion. All bad thing you can think of, it all happen last year. And it is so alarming, even with the catastrophe humans never change, we keep destroying the world.

Many people die and some still recovering, many people suffer and still suffering. I hope this year will be good, no more pandemic, riots and war. I hope people that die in the arms of police and criminals get their justice, those women who are raped and killed, I hope those sex offenders burn in hell.

But after all what happened I`m still alive and I wonder why? What is the meaning of this? Do I have a mission that is not fulfilled yet? Do I have a bigger purpose?

Last year I`m hospitalized almost every month

Almost every month I`m hospitalized because of my stomach acting crazy, the doctor said that I have a case of Gastritis. Even I follow the instructions of my doctor, eat only what Is allow and get all the medicine. My stomach Is still acting up. Its like there`s something in my stomach and it hurts, hurts a lot. Almost every month I experience this and because of the hospital bills I lost my savings and everything.

Because of my disease I`m forces to eat vegetable and oatmea everyday and I think it`s a good thing right? It`s a win and win situation. I saved animals and live healthy.

Tomorrow I will go to see my doctor and have a check up, I hope there Is no complication or what so ever. Please pray for me.

A big fight

Last year me and my father have a big fight and because of that I`m evicted from our house. Because of this I`m forced to live in a apartment with my dog. Every night It kills me thinking what I`ve done, I regret it and I hope my father can forgive me. I know its both our fault but it should not end that way.


Last year I almost die because of an accident, when I was riding my bike the car in front of me just stop forcefully and I slam on it`s back. I drop in the road and fell as sleep, when I wake up many people is taking care of me offering me some water and wiping the blood off my shoulder. I grateful that I`m alive, because now I can tell stories and bring awareness to people.

I will never forget those people who helped me, they saved my life and I owe them a lot. I hope I can see them again and give a big thanks for what they have done.

Last year I lost 2 of my grandmother and it breaks me

Last year 2 of my grandmother died, one died because of kidney complication and the other died because of diabetes. They raised we when I was a child when my father and mother is working. Almost everyday they fetch me in our house and go for the walk in the beach. I miss those days, days that are not so complicated and full of problems. Days that I hope I can experience again.

I`m not telling my real life stories to beg mercy and get some attention or to get some donations. I`m telling my stories to inspire people that one day will come and it will be better. Not everyday is a bad day and not everyday is a good day. Life is full of up and downs, sometimes those downs are so deep it feel like we can`t escape it. But once we never give up and keep pushing thru, we get out of that hole and we can see better days, better than before.

Think of this problems as a test, once we passed we learn many things and we can use it to make our self more stronger and wiser. But once we fail, we can still learn some lesson from it. Because of that failure we learned that If we pick that choice again we will suffer the same mistake and it will lead to failure. So next time that we face test like this we know what to do, and this time we will pass the test and move on to the next chapter and lesson of our life.

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