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I`m Home

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October 21, 2021

Everyone has a soft place in our heart for our home and every people in it. Whatever happens between the family members they become united in good times, bad times and even in the time of need. Every part of the family commits mistakes personally or sometimes it affects the whole family, but at the end of the day, they will forgive each other whatever bad things they said or bad actions they have done. Forgiveness comes magically inside the family, sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling so light and tend to forgive someone, but in the case of people outside the family, it is harder to forgive them.

But there are things that can`t be easily forgiven like things that make someone feel left out or abandoned. sometimes there are things that are happening for a long time and it becomes normal for the people and when the times come that people will explode and will say everything, that thing will mark forever and will not heal easily.

And there are things that happen when we are just a child and we think we know-nothings, but that bad moment and good moment that happen when we are young will be remembered. Those bad memories and bad decisions when we are young will hunt us until we are old. Sometimes bad memories come back when we return to the place where it happens, we tend to become more anxious in places where it happens, and the longer we stay there we tend to become comfortable knowing that place is safe now.

It is my second day living with my parents and my young brother, and later the day my younger sister will come home and visit as wee. It feels so good and happy when we are complete as a family, but there is a part in my brain that wants me to step back a little because of all the things that happen in our family since we are young.

I woking up early this past day because I am sleeping in my parent`s living room and I am awakened by every sound I hear, and in addition, my mind is not yet comfortable sleeping here in our house.

Today I and my younger brother were left in the house while our parents are opening the store not so far away from here. We spend the whole day playing our Playstation 4 and attending some of my online classes and answering worksheets.

Here the internet is free so I can use much as I want and the electricity is free as well. I can watch and download anything that I need for a long time but I can`t download it when I was in my house in Mendez because I only use data connection there and we all know that it is expensive and kind of slow sometimes.

At lunch, we cooked some Sinampalukan na Manok, a Filipino dish that my family loved since when I was a child. After that, we rest for the whole day and at night I do the thing I need to do for school.

Going home or visiting is one of the best things to do when you have a long weekend or a vacation ahead. It makes the connection to the family strong. the connection can heal wounds that are bleeding for a long time only waiting for the right words to heal.

Going home is sometimes stressful with the things that you need to be done, all thing you need to carry with you when you will spend a long time in your parent's house, but it is all worth it because it will make you sibling and parents happy and in bonus, you will not pay a single rent and bills for a month when you visit.

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Written by   41
1 month ago
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