If we`re not Aware, We might loss

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There are thoughts that is always running in our mind, it can be destructive like a bomd droped in an open battle field, or it can be a tea that can calm us. Some of us are sometimes get swallowed by our thoughts and controlled by it, and some of us resist it. But the more we think, the more we get stronger and being used to it.

"The more we fight our dark void, the more chances we see the light"

“Clouds represent stability and flexibility, it can be stable to flexible or flexible to stable”

Like clouds, we humans can be flexible and the same time stable. First flexible, our life can be mold in many ways. It can be molded by problem, fear, happiness and anger. Problems can be devastating at many times, it can take happiness from us and if we can`t fight, problem will swallow us whole. But the same as clouds after we conquer are problems, fear and anxiety we can be unbreakable and stable.

“People are like a house, we can abandon it the way that it was build, and return if we want to. But when we leave it, always remember the damage it can obtain, because we stop taking care of it.”

Once we leave people don`t expect we return and see it the same as we leave it. But dont with it if you dont want to, it will cause bigger damage to the person and to your self when you stay just because you are forced.

There is always more to life than staying with someone that hurt you and lie to you, you deserve more and the best. Don`t hold the knife in the blade and expect not to be hurt.

“We can swim across the lake to see a better future or we can drown in the lake to end our despair or we can sale across the lake by a boat. It our choice.”

The lake signifies our problem, fear and anxiety, we can swim across that lake with all our physical and mental strength, with all our power and all our effort. When we swim we can get to the other side slow and exhausted, but when your feet is on the land again, it`s all worth it.

We can also drown in that lake, we can give up and be swallowed and consumed. But if we end our life like that, if we take our own life, the victim will be the people that we left behind and we just deprive our self a chance to move on with life.

And lastly we can sale that lake with a boat, the boat signifies our family, friend and every people we value. We can seek help if we want, we can seek guidance from them and we can talk with them. Fighting problem, anxiety, fear and depression is now always easy when alone.

“We can climb stares fast or slow but it doesn’t matter at all, what matter is we use the stares correctly and get on top of it”

Never discourage a man trying to climb a stare slowly, instead warn the man climbing the stare fast to slow down. We all have our own time line, if you are moving fast it doesn’t mean that the other is moving slow. Give them a helping hand, assist them in climbing the stare, you`ll never when the time come you will be the one that is needing help.

“We learn to see and see to grow”

Every day we are seeing things that is new to us, every day we read good an bad news and we learn, we are becoming aware of our surroundings. We see that the world is not always candies and rainbows. We also observe that the world is constantly changing every day.

We grow because of what we see and feel, we become more and more human every day base on what we see. Now see the world in the different view, see the world as a place to grow

In life we face different problem and we are on a different time. Some of us is rich some are poor, some are happy and some are sad, some are dying some are still alive, what really matter is we are never giving up, we still push through even in the hardest time. So next time you see a man that is having a hard time, help them. Helping is not always financial, simple words always can help.

“We need to end this, accept each other, the truth the lies let face it together. There is no enemy to fight to, only the self inside you, stop this nonsense lets face it together”

As humans we can be anything we want, but in the process of that, we can destroy or we can prosper. We can damage other or we can harm us selfs, its up to use how we move and change.

“Humans is the one of the most remarkable species because we can change, and that what make us human.”


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