From mud, Gravel and Cemented Road

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From mud, to gravel, to a cemented road

We, as humans, what we face in our life are in many different ways, we march to our lives in different times. As our life’s past gets more and more complicated and problematic. We are having a difficult time transitioning from being a child to becoming an adult. Through challenges and different problems some couldn’t make it, majority of people die due to diseases and accidents and some take their own lives because of the problems and challenges that comes. Some people just give up and there are some that strive to survive.

Our life is like the survival of the fittest, the more we make our selves stronger and wiser the higher the chances we survive. The more we can resist and tolerate pain, the more we become unbreakable and the more we strive to live and never give up, the more we become aware on how our world works.

“The more we struggle in life, the more we will know about it”

Our lives have many secrets and we need to unlock most of It. We need to know our self better to unlock those secrets. Those secrets can bring us happiness or sadness, and it can either build us and make stronger or it can destroy what we have build. From that destruction we build a better version of our selves. But sometimes it`s depressing to see how our dreams that we our building for so long would just fall so easily right? But its just how it is, ones we go up we will eventually go down and ones we are down, we can stand up again.

“Sometimes our downfall can be a good thing, it’s just up to us how we pick our rubles”

Imagine your self walking in the mud, to gravel and in the cemented road. How would you feel? Does it make your life easier and more faster? Before we talk about that, lets first talk about the builders of our road, that make our lives easier and more comfortable to walk into.

In life there are people who make roads and there are people who walk and uses that road. Those who make the roads are called “builders”, they make our life easier. Those builders are the literal builders that you are thinking, I`m talking about the builders that make our dreams possible, builders that help us survive through all our problems and challenges. The builder we are talking about can be our mother or father, your friends, girlfriends or boyfriends and even our pets, those builders make our life move smoothly and fine, even not all the time but most of the time, they are always there for us no matter what and they will always help us.

From Mud

From mud we rise until we crawl and learn to walk.

Our lives will never start and end in an easy way. We will work for what we want to achieve because what we want would not just fall from the sky. We start from the mud, and we will crawl in it. This is the first phase of our life, in this phase its all just hardships and uncomfortable feelings. It just full of trial and errors, but more in error. In this part of our life the more we fail the more we will grow. This is just the start and this will shape us.

In this mud pit many people will guide us like our parents. While we are taking this muddy roads, it will shape us for who are, it will raise us for what we will be in the future. And we are in this mud we will learn a lesson that we can bring in our long journey, lesson that will make us wiser and stronger. It’s the easy part, so never give up and move on

To Gravel

In this phase its easier to move but gravel is hard and it will hurt our foot. In in this part of our life, more problems are emerging and we must learn how to solve it, we don`t have a guide forever to help us and do something for us, but we can seek help and some advice from that guide. In this phase we need to learn more lesson so we will be ready for our future.

In the gravel road we can move fast, but the more we move fast the more we will hurt our self. Dont be hasty but don`t be too slow, be confident, cherish every moment even it is tough, pick every lesson you can pick along the way.

The Cemented road

This road is the easiest, be a good observant because you can be caught in a clash. In this road people go fast like they are running out of road to go. This is the part of our life that they are searching for the right place and tract. We are searching for the right parking space that we can get to rest and have fun.

In this cemented road it`s more fun to travel more, find friend that have the same vision as you, travel the world and step out of your comfort zone, be wild and free but know when to stop.

Life is short to do things that you don`t want to do. Pursue your dreams and ambition. Make friend along the way. Find people you can trust and let them help you. Find your own road where you can travel fine and peacefully. Find a place to stop and settle for the rest of your life.


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