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First Month of this School Year

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2 months ago

October 5, 2021

There is time in the week that we feel so tired that the thing we only want to do is nothing, lie in bed all day and make ourselves comfortable. This one of the hardest time especially when we have many things to do like lecture we need to read, activities that we need to submit, poems and lyrics to be written and many other this that needs to be done in just one day. This feeling tends to happen fast and suddenly, last night before I sleep, I rethink all the things that I need to do and made a list about it on my phone, and I am so excited to do it, so my to-do list will be lessened. But suddenly in the morning I woke up late and feel too tired.

I don`t know if I am just tired because I am doing thing kind of workflow for almost 4 weeks, I will wake up around 8 in the morning and I will continue working and writing for the whole day and I will sleep ar around 2 or 3 in the morning. The Writing part is fine, I write poems and music all the time and at night I will write something to read cash. The things that make me feel tired is all the thing I need to do for school, I am a Veterinary Medicine and I am currently at my 4th or 5 Th year, I`m not sure. But there are so many things the professor ask us to do.

The online class is more exhausting than Face to Face

In the face-to-face setting, We will wake up early, prepare ourselves for school, go to school, go home and we can rest. In an online class, it is a whole day sitting alone in form of your computer or phone, with no one to talks to so it is more boring. There is more activity given by the professors during online classes because they think that we have a lot of spare time in the house. But it is harder to focus when studying at home because of the many distractions and choirs that we need to do.

I am not complaining about these issues, I am just saying what is happening. We are all affected by this pandemic and many people did not cope or adjust to it pretty quickly. Many people are still stuck and they don`t know what is the next move for them. Many people lose their jobs and some stop going to school until this pandemic ends because it is much easy for them. And especially there are students that take subjects more they can handle because they know that the exam will be online and they can cheat, and by the time we all go back to normal, they have fewer subjects face to face.

I don`t if I really feel tired or it`s just the weather and the sudden shortening of the day and longer nights, and in addition, it is raining here since yesterday. Sunlight plays an important role in my brain, so when the cold season comes, it is hard for my brain to cope and function well. I don`t know if others feel the same way when the cold season comes, but for me, It affects me pretty band and it will last until the end of December or the end of January.

I hope that it is not worst than last year. last year was extreme and affect me deeply. Until now I can still remember the feeling when I am under that feeling and I don`t want to feel it again.

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Written by   42
2 months ago
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