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Pie digital Currency,detail analysi & future predictions

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6 months ago

A digital currency or cryptocurrency is a currency that is not paperless and does not play a mediating role in its transactions, ie you can pay directly online through your digital wallet app and order items. And one digital currency can be exchanged for another digital currency or ordinary money can be exchanged for it.

When I found out about this new currency Pie Coin, I downloaded the Pie Network Pi Network app from Google Play and created an account on it.

And invited my friends too.

But since I also create apps and do web development myself, I thought maybe these are just being shown from the top number like this, these are just running like this and just this one like clock time. The system has been installed so that the numbers keep increasing automatically.

And people just keep downloading the app considering it as their currency income and the downloads of those who make this app keep increasing.

But then I started researching on it and found out that it is not such a system but a whole team work and big corrupt cryptocurrency experts are talking about it on YouTube.

So I began to believe in it.

And when I received 0.001 pesos in exchange for a small survey from FeverIQ, I was convinced that these blank numbers are not working, but that the system is really a big digital currency. Is coming and this is not a normal thing.

Then I compared Bitcoin and it and was surprised ... When Bitcoin was launched in 2008, people jokingly mined fifty bitcoins a day, and then when bitcoin was worth a few rupees, people sold it for a few thousand or a few more coins. Earn Rs. But at that time no one knew what the price of a bitcoin was going to be and today a bitcoin has gone up to Rs 6 million and experts are saying that a bitcoin can cross Rs 10 million in the near future. ۔

Then when I compared it to Pie Quinn, I found that even after the launch of Bitcoin, no one believed in it, and most people were either hoarding it or paying little attention to it. And there have been a few thousand or a few million Bitcoin dealers since its launch, compared to what has not been launched today, and big experts are talking about it.

And at the same time, they are advising to mine it as much as possible.

And moreover, it has not even been launched yet and it has eight million or 8 million users.

And the speed of its users is increasing day by day.

And everyone is waiting for it to launch.

  • Now that the price has been set and once its price is indeed launched at 0. 0.10, seeing it in action, its purchase will increase so much that inshallah its price will go up like a rocket. And according to some experts, it also has the potential to compete with the bitcoin.

* Increase in purchases * I am saying this because when this currency is launched, its free mining will stop.

Because every digital currency works on that basis and succeeds.

  • Because if we are getting it today by mining it through its official, if everyone is always mining it easily, then how will its value increase and who will buy it? Every servant will earn instead of buying.

  • Therefore, like Bitcoin, etc., Pie is also working on the same principle. First, when it started mining, people were earning even more per hour, then after one hundred users, the earnings per hour decreased, then one thousand. But it has decreased and by doing so, it will earn more per hour after the completion of one million users.

The earnings will go down to zero and it will take months like today to mine a bitcoin.

This system is called Mining Halving System and it is only when it is necessary that the value of the currency increases.

You guys!

Many people today, even those who know the short history of Bitcoin, regret that they did not buy Bitcoin in 2008.

Those who earned or bought at that time are enjoying it today.

  • So, sir, today everyone has the opportunity to launch the app on a regular and responsible basis every day and as soon as a mining session is over, click on the power button of the mining app to start the next mining session immediately. So that you don't waste any time.

  • Suppose its price reaches ten dollars a few months after its launch, then if you have a thousand pie coins, then understand that you will benefit from fifteen to two million rupees in Pakistani currency. *God willing*

And by the time it launches, you should have not one thousand but more than five thousand, so that even if its price is one dollar, you have a profit of fifteen and a half million rupees.

Also imagine if you have five thousand coins then its price reaches one hundred dollars ???

Then what to say !!!

Even if it is a dollar of one hundred and seventy rupees, you are going to get a profit of 85 million rupees.

Don't think too long and wide. you keep only 15.2 million in mind, can your destiny change or not?

There is no shortage in Allah's treasury. It is one hundred percent possible that your hard work will pay off and your life will pay off.

God knows best what will happen next. No one knows the future except Allah.

According to my research, I can say that this currency will definitely launch.

  • And will launch at a good price. Currencies that no one even knows are launched and reach five to seven dollars per quintal, so millions of people are still staring at it, of which 8 million are users of this app. Which are growing rapidly and are now showing signs of reaching Rs 100 crore in the next few months.

Five million downloads of this app can be seen on Google.

More than 87,000 people have reviewed it on Google and there are good reviews.

More than 1.5 million people are subscribers to his YouTube channel.

And more than a million views of his YouTube videos.

There are over five million downloads on Google and the number of people who install this app to each other via Share It is another.

The three members of the team that launched the currency are Stanford University PhDs, as well as the rest of the team. The team has been teaching at the university on topics such as digital currencies, decentralized wealth and decentralized systems and wealth distribution.

In the light of all these facts and research, I would say that the permanence of this currency is very bright.

Keep working Keep mining

Keep inviting friends and keep up the speed of mining. So that you can collect as many piecoins as you can before the free mining closes.

Allah Almighty surely gives the fruits of hard work.

  • And yes you must send this article to my dear friends who want to persuade their loved ones to get involved in money mining so that they can understand how great this life-changing opportunity can be for them.

We are not spending anything on this, just run the app regularly on a daily basis and if you feel like it, you just have to kill at least five of your friends to take advantage of this opportunity.

And there are signs that this little effort and perseverance can change your life for the better.

And sometimes there are tests that come to life that people are constantly on a path to change themselves and work hard. And those who succeed in this test with their devotion, good intentions and perseverance, then Allah bestows His grace and bounty on them.

May Allah bless everyone and fulfill the legitimate desires of all. Ameeen


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Written by   40
6 months ago
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