The children are watching

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2 years ago

Most parents often mistake the innocence of young children for ignorance or being unaware of happenings around them. Hence they tend to lose sight of the fact that at a very young age when a child cannot fully discern between what is right and young, the parents and indeed any adult personality is often the child's compass in picking or choosing the right way to go. Some are so careless as to engage in acts of intimacy even in the presence of their very young children thinking that they are unaware of what is going on. The children may indeed be unaware of the why or the implications of such acts but they are surely watching and unfortunately learning to also put to practice. At their age whatever toddlers see, they like to do.

Hence parents should be wary of what they do in front of their young children and also what they allow them to view on the screens such as the television or mobile phones. As a rule for parents do not engage in any act that you wouldn't want your child to do in your absence when the child is present. Parenting in the times we live in requires the parents to be constantly alert and conscious of the script they and others are playing for indeed the children are watching.

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