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'The bull run' Tales of a Nigerian commuter

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5 months ago
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In crypto parlance a bull run is a win win for everyone. During this period the traffic lights in crypto town are predominantly pleasantly green giving the the various cryptos a smooth , traffic free ride across town to their various 'high' rise parking lots. Lest I digress too much, our bull run in this article refers to an actual bull on the run where a bull breaks loose and disrupts activities in town.

And so it happened that while on a recent commute , this Nigerian commuter encountered a sight which he had previously never seen or thought he would see. On the fateful day while making a trip to the city centre, I saw a bull with large pointed horns raging towards oncoming traffic close to one of the popular intersections in the metropolis. As fate would have it my vehicle was not in the lane which the bull decided to take as its route for escape. It was indeed a sight to behold although dreadful especially for the motorists who lay directly in the path of the bull.

As I later gathered from the driver of the vehicle which I boarded, the bull had being tied with a rope to a pole along the major road the previous evening. It turns out that after several attempts the bull was able to exert itself enough to cut the rope with which it was tied and make a run for freedom. The moment the rope gave way, it began its break for freedom from its perceived 'captors'. The persons who had tied it had no option but to give it a hot chase . But alas they were no match for the raging bull which galloped with all its energy on the highway to freedom.

It was like a scene from a jail break where the prisoners did all in their power to avoid recapture while fleeing from law enforcement authorities. As the raging bull sped past my vehicle to the amazement of passengers as well as pedestrian onlookers I thought it would be the last I would hear of the bull, but I was wrong.

On my return trip from my commute, the driver narrated how the bull had caused serious traffic in another part of town which was a good distance away from where it had fled. He narrated that the bull had switched lanes away from oncoming traffic in order to evade recapture and probably oncoming vehicles. He added that on sighting the bull, some motorists had abandoned their vehicles , others diverted off the highway while some passengers out of fright disembarked from the buses which they had boarded having to abruptly bring their trips to an end.

He narrated how there was a debate amongst those attempting to recapture the animal to break the legs of the bull in order to make recapturing it easier(this proposal was discarded as some argued that it would bring down the monetary value of the animal) and how others pelted the animal with stones which only further enraged it.

He concluded his narration with how one of the young men who had attempted to restrain the bull was flung into the air but luckily landed on a heap of sand and not the asphalted road which may have proved fatal. How the bull was eventually restrained I have not been able to ascertain but I can surely say that the bull run or bull break was indeed a sight to behold that is if you were observing from a safe distance.

It turns out though that this kind of occurrence isn't limited to developing countries alone. Scenes like this have also been reported in developed countries. The only difference is probably the proper coordination of efforts by emergency response services and law enforcement to restrain such animal before damage is done. See two of such incidents from YouTube below.








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Written by   166
5 months ago
Topics: Non-fiction
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