It's time for a digital detox

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3 years ago

Often times we tend not to spend enough quality time with our families and loved ones due to the pursuits of making ends meet. We are so occupied that the only time some families spend together is meal time. Even when other opportunities present themselves for more bonding we are all often engrossed with our mobile devices either surfing the internet or monitoring our social media feeds for the shares,likes or comments or even streaming videos online without interacting with the person who is seated right next to you. We are so connected to the globe while at the same time so disconnected from one another. Social media is now the get away for most people serving as their emotional support system to relieve stress and anxiety when it would have been more appropriate to reach out and connect with a loved one or confidant in person to achieve same.

It will be nice every now and then at home and in the workspace environment to just stay away from our devices and have one on one conversations with the next person instead of being perpetually glued to our screens. For families it will be a good idea to go on a hike or camping trip together without the distraction of our gadgets. Such a trip will avail the family an opportunity of real quality time together for a more healthy interpersonal relationship.

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