Self Confidence: my way on building it

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2 years ago

Have you ever felt insecure to those people who have undeniable self-confidence? As for me, a long time ago I was insecure to them like "where did they got that kind of confidence?", one time when I was still a high school student, we had a school activity, my teacher told us to make a presentation, so basically we had a class discussion planning on who would lead us, I was in the corner listening to my classmate and thinking to just go with the flow, then it was decided who would lead us and the presentation what to present were already chosen which was a dance number.

I was nervous because that was my first time to dance in public though I can dance good, so I asked my leader if I just can be part of the propsmen(lol), but my leader didn't agree, worst is he wanted me to put in front of the class, moving forward, my teacher saw me dance and she was amazed how good I was(lol), though she was kinda disappointed because I wasn't confident while dancing, she gave me a little talk of encouragement and starting that day slowly I build my confidence.

Building our self confidence can actually be advantageous to us, it attracts people to listen to our ideas or even let them agree with us. A life with confident, is a life with great vision in life, it is being determine that you can achieve whatever goals you have. It is also letting go of negative vibes in our life and attract the positive vibes.

Building our self confidence is not easy task, unless you're trained or born with it. It took me the whole highschool years for me to have my self confidence now, it was hard for me because I was introvert type of a person. With preserverance and dedication to build my confidence, somehow I managed (lol).

Here are the things I did in building my self confidence.

1. Knowing weaknesses and strengths

Identifying weaknesses and strengths means getting to know ourselves, asking which we are good and bad at, things to improve more and etc., It can actually helps us on what aspect in our life we need to focus on flourishing, in my case my strength was my dance and my weakness was my communication and socializing skills, since I was already good in dancing, I focused too much on how to enhance my communication and socializing skills or you can do vice versa.

2. Learning speaking English

Speaking English can actually be a big factor for your self confidence, nowadays people who are good on speaking English defines as an intellectual person, but it's not just that because learning English can help you remove your insecurities and negative thoughts of not being good enough.(though it's only applicable to me)

3. Gather Knowledge

Knowledge is power, it's important for us to have knowledge on various things for us to have confident on what we are talking, if you're just talking nonsense things you're not being confident, you're making yourself embarrassed. In addition with enough knowledge, it's actually helping us to remove some negative thoughts like afraid to commit mistake.

4. Open up

Learning without application is useless, so practice what you've learn for you to asses yourself on what is your progress. Opening up will help you train yourself on how to handle a certain situation, it also helps us to understand that failure is part of progress.

5. Physical Appearance

It is important that the way you look is appealing to others, building your posture and making yourself presentable can actually help you boost your self confidence, so always make sure that you are healthy and lively.

Self confidence may be good to us, However, too much of everything isn't good anymore, know the situation and ask yourself if your self confidence actually making others uncomfortable, too much confident actually is not confidence anymore instead it is arrogance.



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It's good to have self confidence but when it becomes extremely too much, then it becomes pride.

That doesn't mean we should hide behind our shell.

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