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As someone who is prone to self-doubt, I lost track of how many times I had already asked myself if I was qualified for this course. I don't know if I'll survive engineering or if I'll just pick up a card and shift.

I was an achiever from grade school until senior high school. But things changed when I enrolled in an engineering course. Things become clearer; I am not good at Mathematics, and numbers will bury me to death.

I hate numbers, but plot twist, I'm still studying engineering. I didn't shift, I didn't stop. Why? If I'm not good at Mathematics, why am I still in this course?

The real question is, should you be intelligent in Mathematics when pursuing an engineering course?

From an average student’s point-of-view who thinks that numbers are silent killers, NO! You don't have to be well-inclined with numbers.

So, how are you going to survive engineering when you're not good at Math? Or any tips on how to survive engineering?

1. Believe in yourself. Some may consider this as toxic positivity but believe it or not, when you believe in yourself, you're making things possibly happen. You're making the heaviest backpack become lighter. Believing in yourself doesn't mean being so full of yourself and always winning, it's about having strong faith in yourself and standing up after stumbling. Things may not come as easy as we expect them but believe that they will be ours and that you can have them.

2. Do an advance reading. Reading with comprehension sharpens the mind. When you practice advanced reading with comprehension and eventually turn it into a habit, you’ll slowly become the person you’ll never think you’ll be.

3. Never settle for what is served, and have a good study habit. I know I said that you don't have to be intelligent in Mathematics to be and survive engineering. However, let's all be honest! Those who are into Mathematics have an advantage compared to those who are not. You may not be good at numbers but you can do something about it. Instead of just relying on the files and lessons being given and discussed, spend an hour or more in searching for sample problems and other explanations. Dive to YouTube and look for tutorials. Browse on the internet. Search for learning materials(advance reading also applies here). Practice and practice Math problems. Never settle with the idea that you're only a typical surviving student. Go, bruh, you can do it!

4. Surround yourself with the right people. When I say the right people, it means those who will never influence you to skip classes and prioritize other things instead of doing your assignments and studying. Live in a supportive environment. Study with them, and hang out with them when you are free.

5. For religious students, pray. When in trouble, believe that He is with you and he will never leave you.

6. Treat yourself. Let's not glamorize engineering. It's a stressful course! You’ll lament, you’ll get mad, and your mental health will deteriorate. When you have free time, never hesitate to treat yourself. You don't have to roam in Malls and be at beaches. Treat yourself in a way that you can and you'll never regret. You can do it by resting, sleeping, talking with your loved ones, visiting friends, going to church and places, and connecting with different people. Don't deprive yourself of the chance of being happy and stress-free even for a day.

7. Invest in things that will help you. Invest in books, calculators, and other learning materials. Invest in a good desktop or laptop. Some had survived engineering without having a laptop but having one will help you in doing computer-related subjects.

8. Know that what you feel is valid. Cry if you want to cry but never think of giving up. Remember that this too shall pass.

9. Be curious. Look for information and feed your curiosity.

10. Remember that you can ask for help. You can ask for help from a block mate, a professor, a friend, and from seniors.

11. Set priorities. It's like in Economics, the opportunity cost. You have to give up something to obtain what you desired. Setting priorities doesn't mean limiting yourself. It's about knowing what should be prioritized and taken into consideration.

I hope this post helps you in any way. Don't forget to like the page, spilling coffee in engineering for more posts(coming up).

Before scrolling, take note of this quote from the great Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, Vincent Willem van Gogh.

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

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This is really an helpful tips to survive in engineering.. I had always wanted being an aeronautical engineer but calculations scare me off..success in your engineering world

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