Bullying: Let's stop this!

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What does the word "bullying" mean?? It is in our knowledge that bullying means mocking someone because they're different. Bullying is also a form of oppression that is used by force. This often happens in school and usually young people are victims. One case in the Philippines is the so-called bullying. Bullying has three types as follows:

SOCIAL WARNING. - a kind of bump in which bullies ruin their reputation and deal with other people of their victimization.

PHYSICAL . - this is the physical pain and destruction of his property. Here comes the alleged punching, kicking, slapping, punching and more.

STRONG LANGUAGE. - a type of language in which bullies use. It is also teasing, insulting, sarcastic, shouting, swearing, insulting, humiliating in front of many people and others.

We also have what is called “CYBER BULLYING” which internet is the way to attract fellow humans. We will see and witness this season on websites such as facebook,twitter, and instagram. Not only in the status of seeing the bill but also posting pictures that their victim would ruin.

School students are usually tempted to experience it. They just find it strange that they see it immediately they will tempt it or they will notice a child alone will immediately move it and then be tempted. Such scenes often occur when some students are helpless, sometimes when a teacher blames what they are doing just to say that just because the victim is afraid he just got to agree with it. Whatever painful word came out of the bullies' mouth as if the victim had just ignored it for fear. Usually the victims of the bullies are young people and they know that there is no enemy against them.

The school is also becoming increasingly popular with physical illness. Few students were informed of the bullying their classmates had beaten. Just as a kid of grade six pupil victim allegedly bullied by the rib when the classmate hit her. This is one example of the bullying in a physical way.

Discrimination is also bullying, where it refers to our race. Destroying and comparing with another race can be one of it. Bullying on sexuality is also not good. This is the problem with people who are opposed to women and men or gay and lesbian. They are bullied based on their gender.

Bullying has causes and effects. First is the lack of interest in education and not attending school. Second, pretending to be sick for not going to school. Always wanted to be alone. There is a bruise or wound that the parent cannot tell the reason. And what can happen to a victim can also lead to suicide.

By law, the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 signed by former President Noynoy Aquino, all schools in the elementary and secondary school are required to make police anti-bullying in their institution. A copy of the police needs to be provided to students and parents. The police include banning bullying within the school and all school-related activities. The use of bullying technology is also prohibited.

Bullying is a common problem in any school. If you are afraid of suffering from this violence, you may find it to avoid going through such situations. If anything happens, don't blame yourself; the responsibility always lies in what happened. However, you can do a few things to reduce the chance of becoming a victim. Learn to adopt calm and confident attitudes to prevent bullies, avoiding the school places they attend etc. If you can't help but find it, report the situation to an adult. When the victim does not show up, he or she may suffer serious consequences.


•Always walk with friends. Create solid bonds of friendship with kind and helpful people who bring positive things to your life. Stay close to them at school. This contact system can prevent bullies.

•Always stay close to a group of friends. Eat and walk with them in between.

•Bullies often follows people who seem lonely. If accompanied, they will not go to you.

•Avoid areas that often clash. This approach is very simple: at school, do not go to the same areas occupied by aggressors.

•Clashes are often the place where there is little adult supervision, such as the farthest points from the yard. Avoid these areas.

•If you have to go through this place, always get a friend of yours.

•Find a trusted adult who can help: a teacher, principal, your parent or school employee.

•You are not reporting something stupid; bullying is serious. If you suffer any aggression, maybe other students will suffer too. You will do everything in a favor, including the abuser, by dealing with the situation.

•You can ask the school to take some steps to combat bullying.

•Talk to other people your age about bullying. If you are unsure what to do, talk to other students at the school. They may have suffered acts of violence from both individuals as well. You can also think of strategies for everyone to come up with against aggression.

•If necessary, defend yourself. If bullying continues to bother you, even after being ignored, assert yourself without being emotional or aggressive. If the person thinks he or she manages to affect his or her psychological well, he or she will not stop. It is best to act calmly and quietly.

•Raise your voice and say something like "No. Stop it". Then stay away. Don't start fighting who can shout out loud.

•If the bully tries to argue with him even after you impose yourself, say something like "I can still talk to you, but I won't argue or fight."

•Use plain body language. Straighten your back, face the eye to the eye and speak in a clear and direct tone.

•Defend other people. Don't just stand when you see someone being beaten. Speak up. You can be in that situation - and maybe you want someone to defend it.

•Be kind and helpful to the victim of bullying. If you know that a classmate suffers from school violence, approach him and make friends.

•If you notice that a particular student suffers a lot, talk to an adult. The child probably needs help.

•Do your best to avoid cyberbullying. This is a common problem that can also be tackled in some ways:

•Avoid sharing content that may embarrass you with the wrong hands, such as intimate photos and videos. The same for friends: beware of what you post about others, as they can also be victims of bullying.

•Use only protected and detailed passwords. If someone steals your data, you can log in to your account and post dangerous information about yourself.

•Check your privacy settings. You can prevent cyberbullying by simply sharing personal information with close friends.

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This is the one thing which I personally hate much. I feel angry when I see someone bullying an innocent. How dare they!

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1 year ago

I also feel the same, I would kill the person who bully my love ones. Being bullied will really affect our mental health which could result to serious problem like suicide.

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1 year ago