Recognizing And Dealing With Bullying In The Workplace

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Hello, my friends, back to my article which often discusses psychology and mental treatment. Today I want to talk about bullying. Have you ever been a victim of bullying before? If you have, of course, it feels very annoying and wants to repay them, right? Bullying can be found anywhere, both at school and work. This time I will discuss bullying in the workplace.

Bullying in the workplace means the repeated treatment of one or more perpetrators that can be detrimental to health. This behavior includes threatening, insulting, or intimidating, harassing, or sabotaging, to verbal harassment. The goal of the bully is to control the individual who is the target. Joyce Russell, a senior dean at the School of Management and the University of Maryland, has researched bullying and I've summarized it in this article.

The results of research conducted by Joyce Russell have documented that the consequences of bullying will cause sleeplessness, skin diseases, severe mood swings, anxiety, panic, clinical depression, migraines, to cigarette and drug addiction. Meanwhile, the consequences for employers are a decrease in employee morale and productivity, and an increase in health costs.

We may think that only the “weak” are bullied at work. But it turns out that people who are “strong”, highly intelligent, highly likable, and socially acceptable can also become targets for bullies. Some of them are due to jealousy, for example, the target is closer to the boss, or the target is more knowledgeable or skilled. The target is often not aware that he is being bullied until his health condition deteriorates.

Signs of a Bullied Worker

Some signs that someone is being bullied at work include:

  • Expelled from the group

  • Not receiving all the information needed to do the job effectively

  • The work he has done is recognized by others

  • Be gossiped about

  • Sabotaged jobs

  • Underrated job

  • Shouted in public

  • Getting an email blaming a problem

  • Exaggerating target errors repeatedly (especially in front of other people)

What To Do

There are several things you can do if you feel you are being bullied or see someone you know at work being bullied. Here are some of them:

  • Examine the situation to determine if it is a pattern of behavior over time or a single occurrence.

  • Try not to react to bullies. While this is difficult to do, it is important because bullies are provoking your reaction. If they don't get the desired reaction, they may stop bothering you.

  • Talk directly to the bully. Use a tone that is not overly emotional or aggressive but firm to show their behavior and views are wrong about you.

  • Report bullying to your boss with data and facts. If the bully is your boss, go to a higher-level boss.

  • Get professional help if you are suffering physically or mentally as a result of bullying.

  • Document every incident, including date, time, and witnesses.

  • If needed, get a mediator.

  • Find out what your company's policies (and consequences) are on bullying

  • Plan your options if your company does not take any action against intruders.

That was a brief explanation of how to recognize and deal with bullying that has been researched and documented by Joyce Russell. I hope this article is very useful to read. Don't forget to give Like, Comment and share so that this information can be read by anyone. Thank you and see you in the next article. Regards

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1 year ago


Great article. Let us be aware about bullying. Most bullied person they experience depression. Bullying someone it does not give fame instead you ruined the life of the person.

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1 year ago

What's worse, victims of bullying will commit suicide because they continue to feel depressed.

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1 year ago

"If they don't get the desired reaction, they may stop bothering you." This is what I do and it works always 😉☺️

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1 year ago

Yes that's correct. we don't have to respond to what they say. But we must act if the bullying is verbal violence

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1 year ago

This is an extremely important topic.
There is one important fact that
any 'victim' must understand about this:

First, understand
bullying can have no effect unless you empower the bullying.
Your own reaction is the weakness that the bully feeds upon.
He is powerless when he is ignored.​
​​ Pretend for a moment the bullying is from some jungle creature
​that is jabbering away in gibberish - no recognizable language.
As such it is just some creature from the bushes.
You can attach no meaning to whatever noises it makes.
Just shun it, utterly.

Only if you accept the language can it hurt you.
Even if you accept the language you must recognize that
​whatever it says is not information about you.
​It is, in fact, information revealing flaws about whoever speaks.
You can use such information to undermine the bully in future encounters.

In a corporate or business setting,
the simple act of responding to bullying
can buy you much more trouble than it is worth.
Too very often the "bullies" are more credible than you are.
The successful people who run businesses are usually bullies themselves.
They will flush you out immediately
if they imagine for a moment that you will cause problems.
It is only with an inner core of resolve
that you can prevail against bullies in a business setting,
and for that you need to proceed very carefully.

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1 year ago

Your feedback is very good and more complete

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1 year ago

Keep writing ! 🏅

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1 year ago

yes thank you

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1 year ago

Great article. Keep writing.

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1 year ago

thank you very much

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1 year ago