Important for Company! Employees Must Take DISC Personality Test to Know Their Behavior

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Behavior and habits that exist in a person are usually used to react and adapt to the environment called personality. Each person has unique behavior and habits and develops dynamically.

Companies that want to recruit employees need measurement tools that can be used to determine a person's character, behavior, and personality. Companies usually use several test kits, one of which is DISC. You can listen to an explanation of the DISC test in the description of the article I wrote below.

What is the DISC Personality Test?

Willian Moulton Marston developed the DISC personality test to understand the types and types of behavior, as well as a person's personality style. DISC is often a recommendation for companies that want to do psychological tests for employees and prospective employees.

The company uses the DISC test to measure a person's work behavior based on 4 personality types. The four personality types are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. The following is an explanation of each of these personality types.


The DISC personality test identifies the dominance type as someone assertive, ambitious, independent, and straightforward. People with the dominance type like challenges and competition, so they are known as individuals who have a strong will. When solving problems, this person prefers to deal with people directly and frankly.

Personal dominance wants everything to go according to his wishes. People with this type like to be leaders who take roles and make decisions. Unfortunately, dominant people who become leaders will tend to be authoritarian, demanding, and lack empathy for subordinates.

The dominance type doesn't like routine and gets bored easily, this person also doesn't like details. If something negative can motivate a dominant person, then this type can become a rebel. If you find that an employee's DISC personality test results show this type, the company must create a supportive environment.

Bosses should give a clear message and to the point because this person does not like long-winded messages. Avoid talking too much, especially not related to work, this means staying away from private conversations. The superior must ensure that the dominant person understands what is expected of him.

If they need to be directed, give them a chance to make decisions but stay in control. Personal dominance on the DISC personality test is a person who does not like routine. Provide opportunities for variety and innovation, challenges, and the possibility to lead others.


The type of influence is a person who likes to be sociable, extroverted, spontaneous, and likes to entertain others. People with this type of influence are very approachable, attractive, and have high self-confidence. This type values ​​relationships with other people so much that they always want to make new friends and expand their social network.

Personal influence on the DISC personality test is a person who likes to explore new ideas and projects. When doing something, this type relies a lot on social skills. Influence types like to “jump” from one task to another, and they like to do multiple jobs at once.

Personal influence likes to work in groups and is easy to socialize with. This type likes work related to other people and always involves feelings and emotions when on the move. The influence type has a high sense of empathy, is always optimistic, enthusiastic, and has the basic nature of being a cheerful person.

Please note, the type of influence on the DISC personality test is not a person who is suitable for carrying out tasks that require accuracies such as finance and accounting. However, employers can take advantage of the social nature of this type of influence to be a motivator for new ideas. To be motivated, superiors can do things that support their potential.

Influence types like a social approach, superiors should be able to give time to interact and listen to their ideas. Bosses can delegate tasks that allow influencers to build relationships with other people from diverse backgrounds.

The type of influence on the DISC personality test tends to work on several jobs at one time. This often results in them not being able to complete work on time. To prevent this from happening, superiors must provide clear guidelines and directions including deadlines so that work is not delayed from the set time.


A steadiness type is a person who is persistent, calm, and patient. This individual has determination and tends to live a life of measured and stable standards in his life. The steadiness person usually avoids surprises because of his consistent and cautious demeanor.

The steadiness type on the DISC personality test is known to be friendly and loyal and highly values ​​sincerity. People with this personality can maintain their focus and importance for a longer time than other people. Most people will judge personal steadiness as introverted, accepting, and quiet.

The steadiness type likes to do things gradually, sequentially, and regularly. Steadiness is more comfortable working in a consistent, stable, and predictable environment. Therefore, they are less likely to like extreme changes and are more comfortable with an existing system up and running.

The steadiness type can be a very rigid person if they experience a decrease in motivation. Therefore superiors must do some ways to create a positive atmosphere for them. This person likes order, so give clear, specific, and systematic directions

Provide opportunities to work with the team and when making changes, make sure all changes are accompanied by an orderly and systematic procedure. The type of steadiness requires a sense of security at work, for that superiors must be able to ensure that all changes made have been through careful consideration.

When bosses need the type of steadiness to solve a problem, let them work on it step by step. A steadiness type is a passive person. The boss must be able to motivate so that this person is willing to express his aspirations and provide feedback when needed.


Compliance types like accuracy in their work. This person likes work that requires precision and accuracy. Personal compliance is a person who likes to live in an orderly and clear manner and only believes in facts.

Compliance types are very obedient people, they do not like to break the rules. They work in a systematic and orderly way and manage it appropriately. This person is known as a passive person and likes to give in.

The compliance type doesn't like anything sudden. All activities carried out must go through careful and thorough planning. People with personal compliance like jobs that already have standard procedures and SOPs. They are good thinkers and analysts, but unfortunately, tend to dislike new and radical ideas.

If personal compliance has decreased motivation, they will tend to be critical and cynical. For optimal performance, a boss must be able to delegate tasks that give this person the opportunity to show his skills.

Bosses should give tasks that require high accuracy because they like it. The instructions given must be systematic and accompanied by data and reasonable arguments.

Thus the 4 types based on the DISC personality test can be explained. Each personality has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing a person's personality type will make it easier for companies to determine the right position and motivate personal progress.

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I like this DISC personality test. How you explained is cool! Employees should be high attentive so that the company will go forward for the development. Like this idea lot.

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Thank you very much. I write down and explain what I have learned in my lectures

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The DISC is a great model for accessing employees activeness in the organization. Good model and well explained.

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