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2 years ago
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Hi readers, thank you for reading my post. This is my first time trying the read cash platform. I think this is a very good blogger platform because here we can find the community we want. Besides, we are here to vote positively on the articles we like. Before that, introduce me, my name is Luna. I come from Malaysia and now I live in Indonesia. I studied at a university in Indonesia, and I also majored in psychology at that university.

The city I live in is the city of Medan. Medan city is the 3rd largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. I've been in this city for more than 2 years. In the city of Medan, I saw various ethnic groups here. The people here are quite friendly and kind, but their way of speaking is a little rough, especially when talking to the Batak tribe. Even though their way of speaking is a bit harsh, they have a soft heart and often help anyone.

Apart from the many tribes in the city of Medan, there are also many culinary delights here. Of course, because each tribe brings their recipes and types of food to the city of Medan to be traded. For example, someone from the Padang tribe introduces and sells specialities from his area to this city. Regarding the many types of culinary and food in the city of Medan, I don't know the authentic culinary specialities of the city of Medan. Maybe in the next article, I will introduce the types of food in the city of Medan.

Maybe this is our introduction today. See you in my next article. Thank you for reading.

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