A Teacher Must Understand the Psychology

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Good afternoon my ReadCash friends, how are you? I hope you stay healthy and happy. On this occasion, I want to discuss about teachers and psychology. Even though I don't aspire to be a teacher, those of you who want to become a teacher must understand psychology. Why should? Because psychology is so popular in its use because of its functions and objectives which have proven effective in dealing with problems and anticipating the occurrence of an mistake.

Especially in the world of work that requires a high level of accuracy in certain positions, it has become a necessity to conduct psychological tests to map the position of employees based on their real interests and talents. This can be known through tests and psychological science that is supported by accurate and provable data.

Even for the world of education, of course, much more requires the participation of psychology. Therefore, a branch of psychology was born which specifically discusses all matters related to the learning process. In the future, even this educational psychology will be considered mandatory for every teacher or teaching staff to know. There are three important reasons for you to become a teacher candidate.

1. Understanding theory is not the only thing that teachers need to know

It is natural that to become a teacher or teacher one must know and understand the material to be taught to his students. With the development of science, child psychology is proven to be very necessary to be mastered by a teacher. So for those of you who are predicated as a teacher or prospective teacher, you should start from now on to learn all things related to educational psychology.

2. Will Teachers Be Replaced By Educated Experts?

The changes and developments of the times as well as the latest research are increasingly realizing that being a teacher is not only enough to master the material, but must also be supported by psychological insight into children's education so that the process of delivering information can be well received by children.

It is with this pretext that in this century, countries that are classified as advanced have designed professional educators from various experts who will occupy positions as teachers or educators. This reason is certainly enough to make teaching staff with conventional delivery styles begin to deepen their psychological insight into children's education.

3. Discover the 9 Principles of Psychology in Education

Educators who only capitalize on mastery of the material are usually less able to convey theory in a fun way or at least easily accepted by students. In general, an educator who is still lacking in psychological insight will expect the knowledge digested by his students to be the same as what he understood before.

Of course, the creativity and innovation of students are very low because students are only educated to continue to follow what has been there before. In addition to dealing with problems in the learning process, of course, psychology can also be found on several agendas in the world of education lately:

a. New Student Selection Process

Recently, there have been many excellent schools that have initiated psychological tests when new prospective students participate in the selection. In general, the purpose of this educational psychology test is so that the interests and talents of prospective new students can be seen as early as possible so that their development can be carried out as soon as possible.

b. Education Curriculum Preparation Process

The educational curriculum is an important thing that will determine whether teaching and learning activities run according to the objectives or not. With the participation of educational psychology, the educational curriculum will be better targeted.

c. Teaching and Learning Interaction

The pattern of interaction between teachers and students is the main point to determine how far one or even a group of children accept the presence of a new educator other than their parents. When a teacher or educator understands well about educational psychology, of course, the interactions that occur with students are of higher quality than teachers who deliver conventional learning materials.

That was the explanation and the reason I said that teachers must understand psychology. If you want to be a teacher, then study psychology first. On another occasion, I will explain more about psychology. thank you for reading.

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Hello Miss, how are you?

First let me congratulate you for sharing with us such an interesting and important topic to talk about, without a doubt the word teacher encompasses many things, unfortunately in the world it is believed that being a teacher is to be in a classroom, dictating guidance or any subject, however it is more than that, a teacher or a teacher, has to be a person who guides, who inspires, who understands, who evaluates and seeks alternatives to solve any situation that is generated in class, And for this to be possible it is necessary to use psychology, because in a classroom you work with many human beings, some with thousands of problems and the teacher has to understand and know how to deal with these situations, because this is where the difference between educating, transmitting knowledge and teaching is made, it is not just about knowing how many students passed, but how many really learned and expanded their knowledge.

A teacher has to be several professions in one, because education can never be limited and even less in these changing times, when the new generations go at the pace of light, then starting from this premise, you say something very important, many students only go to school just to pass, they go for a note, and not to learn and this is due to the classic methodologies used by teachers and not to mention the alternatives that they give, unfortunately education has become stagnant in some countries, and this is why we have quantity, but not a great quality of teachers, who are passionate, who teach with the heart, well said this great American Professor named Howard G. Hendricks: "Teaching that is passionate, that teaches with the heart, and that is why we have a lot of teachers, but not a great quality of teachers. Hendricks said: "The teaching that leaves a mark is not from head to head, but from heart to heart".

No doubt we need more prepared teachers, teachers who not only know the theory, but put it into practice, teachers who are psychologists, who understand when and how to reach a student with problems, who understand that it is not about a good grade, but a great teaching, my respects for this great topic, forgive me if I extended, only that I am passionate about education in the past I was a substitute teacher and I understood the limits and importance of this great profession, greetings.

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1 year ago

Thank you. I read your comments to the end. I totally agree with everything you say. regards

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1 year ago