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You Can Be Alone Without Being Lonely

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1 year ago

Love is in the air since only a few days left before Valentine's day. I have seen so many memes on Facebook about being "single" now that Valentine's day is near. Most of it was being hopeful to have someone before the big day comes. But, it is really required to be in a relationship every time Valentine's day approaches?

February 14 is all about showering yourself with love, fun, pampering, and the very best chocolate. of course. Valentine's day has long been known as the romantic holiday for couples but it changed in recent years to be more encompassing, to celebrate all different kinds of love.

Being SINGLE on that day is not a big deal. You can spend it with your family, friends who are also single. I think it is better to have a group date or date yourself. Treat yourself, go to a salon, have your hair done. Make yourself pretty. Like any other thing, there are also PROS and CONS being single.


No late night phone calls - You can sleep at early, you can sleep late. Neither you will have to wait for him/her to call you at night after dinner nor you need to give him/her a call.

Privacy is well maintained - No one except you knows your passwords of phone/email, etc. Also no more keeping your phone cleans so that he/she finds out something you wanted to keep really private.

You can party all night without having to worry that someone would get mad at you.

You can dress whichever way you want to without someone's consent or comment.

You don't have to tell any person in particular every time you step out of the house.

You are abstained from those silly arguments and quarrels happening in a realtionship.

Less feeling of jealousy if he/she has a lot of close friends from opposite sex.


Your friends are not always available during such moments you feel "had there been someone whose utmost priority would have been you and he/she could devote time to you whenever you needed him/her.

Being single is sometimes frustrating when your friends talk about the lovely romantic dinner dates, beautiful gifts they have received. SANA ALL!

No one around to make you feel responsible and appreciate/listen some thoughts which you can never have with friends. It is great to share good or bad with someone special.

When Valentine's day is approaching and your friends are superbusy planning for their dates, while you will remain to be "taga SAna all", lol!

And most importantly, you would definite miss those snuggles and kisses and sex.

I think this sums up everything, you are welcome to add anthing if I have missed any point in comment section below.

And if you still complain about being single, well let me introduce you to a woman who is probably the most "single" in the world! But she seems to enjoy it. She lives in Monowi in the US State of Nebraska. It's population? Just one.

Elsie Eiler is her town's only resident, secretary, treasurer, clerk, bartender, librarian ,and tax payer. She's also her own Mayor, by the way. So she makes a yearly road plan to secure funding for her town's four stoplight.

"I am the Mayor, I am the town board basically, but then I don't worry about elections because there is not much competition - Elsie

So, how did she end up so single? The small farming town "Monowi" used to have about 150 residents in the 30s. But when technology takes over, most of its people left to look for jobs elsewhere. By the 80s, Monowi's population reached only 18 residents until it was down to Elsie and her husband who later passed in 2004. She has some grandchildren but they all live somewhere else.

All of these sounds very lonely but somehow being away from family ironically gave her even more people because almost every single day Elsie meets new faces. From curious journalists to International tourists who drop by just to see her. Everyone hangs out at the Monowi Tavern that she both owns, and works for.

"There's trucks coming and salesmen coming and customers coming and some just coming to visit, have a cup of coffee. It's just sort of a meeting place, a hub and I think everybody feels welcome to come- Elsie"

And if anything big happens like a heavy snow, her newfound neighbors from 40 miles away can also come to her rescue. What a unique story of the world's most single woman.

So, the next time you feel like you're on your own, just think about the story of Elsie. She is proof that you can be alone without being lonely.


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Written by   43
1 year ago
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Ay true titawap! Di yan required, tradition na kasi hahaha char. Enjoy life parin, kiber sa katorse, just a normal day haha <33

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1 year ago

Korek,, hahahaha.. Ewan ko ba bakit big deal sa iba yun 14 na yan..

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1 year ago