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4 Months

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1 month ago

It's been four months since I joined And in that four months of being here, I met new friends, virtual friends. Most of them were single and I can say "expert in the cryptoworld."

I also earned a pretty decent cash. I have earned $250 in four months. That for me is a big achievement because I am not a good writer, but I did and still doing my best in every article that I wrote.

I am using app as my wallet in every crypto that I have. I have been using this since I was introduced to cryptoworld by a friend. It is pretty convenient and friendly user app. I have BTC, Bitcoincash and Xrp in my wallet. Like what I said in my recent article, xrp is my first crypto. I earned this by solving captcha. At that time, I earned like 500 to 700 pesos a week, just by solving captcha(pretty cool, right?) It was a big help to me especially in our daily expenses. That was 4 years ago.

Let me show you how much I have in my wallet...


As you can see, I don't have much xrp in my wallet because I started earning it just recently. I was invited by a friend to this site wherein you just solve captcha to earn xrp. But if you're interested about it, here is the link,

Next is my btc or bitcoin.

Honestly, I totally forgot that I still have a small amount of btc in my wallet. I checked it just recently the time when the bch was soaring high. What I have in my bitcoin wallet was 10 pesos I think, sorry I cannot remember(sign of aging). So like I said, when the bitcoincash was soaring high up the sky, hahaha, I coverted my profit into bitcoin. I converted 100 pesos.And as you can see,I already have profit, 21 pesos. Not bad, right?

Now let us proceed to my bch wallet.

This is the amount of bitcoincash that I have right now. Most of it was coverted into peso. I am selling load here in my neighborhood, so the cash that I am earning in is still gaining profit. This is a big help to me, because I was able to help my husband in our expenses inside the house. And everytime I told him that the @TheRandomRewarder is upvoting my work, hhe would smile and tell me that he's proud of my achievement. And I feel good.

That's it! I hope I have inspired you to just continue writing though @TheRandomRewarder totally forgot to visit our articles.

You might be wondering about the title "4 months". Well like I said, I have an old account but I made this because I haven't received an upvote from the bot.

@Luna09 ❤❤❤

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Written by   36
1 month ago
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