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The Unbelievable Jesus Healing Experience

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1 month ago

Disclaimer: I have doubts just like you but based on my experience, even with such thoughts, I felt better after the healing sessions.

So what exactly happened? Well you have to know how it started first. Read the article on my "weird" Friday. Come back and read this after you've read that one. If you've read it then let's start!

 Sept 2, 2021. Friday

I was in a lodging house in San Fernando, La Union on the morning I was about to swim in the ocean. It was my last day there so might as well enjoy the beach which was just a few minutes away. Read the rest of what happened in my other article.

As continuation to what I wrote, I had my doubts if it was effective that's for sure. After the healing session, I even posted about it on another social media account saying, even an unbeliever should still be healed if the healing is true and powerful.

On the way home I thought nothing of it as I was enjoying the beautiful outdoor views. When I got back here in Metro Manila that night I went about unpacking and such. Then I did the something that I usually do at home and surprise surprise, I didn't feel any kind of pain at all! Perhaps I was so used to the slight pain I always felt that I was really surprised and noticed that I didn't feel it anymore. I couldn't believe it.

Indeed such happened without me doing anything. I still had my doubts but here was the result, should I still not believe? 🤔 Because of this I thought perhaps I should go to the doctor to check or verify if I am indeed healed. I admit, I did feel better since that day but just didn't notice it immediately.

 September 5, 2021. Sunday

I followed up on our second session on Saturday because the guy said he needed a few hours to recharge through prayers. Didn't hear back from him so asked him to let me know when we would resume.

On this day he responded that he needed about one to two days to recharge. I thanked him for letting me know and didn't chat him up afterwards. Since I wasn't paying him or anything I decided to wait until he would message me on when we should resume.

I still felt a-ok. I even realized I wasn't having any problem breathing deeply again. It was like the first few days/weeks/months after I drank One Opti Juice. Suddenly I didn't have any difficulty in taking deep breaths. What a surprise.

At first I also did not believe in the product at all but I tried it and my body told me otherwise. 😃 The difficulty in breathing came back last year. That's when the neighbors started smoking in front of our windows, plus my sibling was a smoker. Ugh. Anyway I also stopped drinking the juice so it was no surprise if it came back. Maybe I really had a slight lung problem from all the air pollution in and around the house.

 September 7, 2021. Tuesday

This day was when I biked to 2 places to get some product stocks. Everything was going well and such. I was still feeling great. Since Friday to Thursday I still continued to question if the healing that happened was real. I didn't feel like I was sick anymore but questions like, "Was I really finally fully healed? Should I still wait for the second session?" kept running through my head everyday.

 September 8, 2021. Wednesday

I suddenly began to feel the slight pain I used to feel. "Oh it's back again," I thought. So it means the healing wasn't really fully done yet. If it was maybe it wouldn't have come back.

Since I haven't heard back from him, I still didn't send any message. Was waiting for him to say he was ready to heal again.

 Sept 10, 2021. Friday

On this day I just couldn't wait anymore. I wanted to know if we would still have a second session or not anymore. I sent him a message asking about the next session. The next day he responded that he was already fully charged and ready.

 Yesterday, Sept 11, 2021. Saturday

So last night as mentioned in my microblog today, the healing session finally happened. He found out I was feeling pain because of something else even without me mentioning it. I mean, I requested to be healed of one illness but it turns out the entire body would be healed as he mentioned the first time we went through it.

It took about two hours before it ended and he finally told me it was done. I have been fully healed by the power of God/Jesus. Still ever doubtful, I asked him if it would ever come back. He said it shouldn't, and assured me that the illness would be gone forever.

Well in truth I actually felt quite better again. The pain wasn't as pronounced as before. It felt like it was still slightly there but that it was almost gone. He told me my body was still growing the new flesh or muscles, etc., that's why I might still feel some pain.

Around 11 pm we said our goodbyes after I thanked him. Told him I would give him an update the next day regarding what I would be feeling.

 Today, Sept 12, 2021. Sunday

I woke up early for some reason. Felt like I needed to pee so I got up and felt some of the pain was there but not there. Weird. It kinda felt a bit sore but at least the intensity was not as much as before last night's session.

Let's see if it is gone forever. Silly me I am still doubting God's healing power coursed through a Christian healer? Ah this is the limitation of the human mind indeed - always doubting and wanting proof. Still thank you God, thank you Jesus for your healing power, grace and blessings.

There is a "side effect" to this kind of healing though. He did tell me about it but I still call it a "side effect". No it's not bad of course. It will just increase your... I dunno how to call it. Closeness to God? Strengthen the bond with the Holy Spirit? Make you open to God's call? Level up in spirituality? Or something similar...

Need a specific example? Heck I am now suddenly thinking of being a nun actually, how's that for a "side effect"? 😅😂 Last week I already begun thinking about it. Oh boy.

I don't feel any different though but if you are healed by the Lord and your body is renewed, well perhaps this is what happens...? Maybe I can finally go to heaven for sure? 😅🙏👼 Thank you Jesus!

Anyway, since I cannot go to mass in a church for safety reasons, I joined the online mass today. I chose Quiapo church because they have a Tagalog mass in the morning. 💕

Mass in Filipino is da best! Hehe. Feel free to join via Facebook or watch on YouTube:

That's all for now folks! Can't say who this person is yet. Have to ask him first if I can let the world know about what he does. Wouldn't want him to be overwhelmed. Hehe.

Anyway feel free to share what you think about what you've read above. 😁 Happy Sunday everyone!



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Lead image from Unsplash.

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Written by   170
1 month ago
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Having a strong faith in Him heals us in whatever way. Whether is emotional or physical pain. Having this kind of experiences is truly amazing.

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1 month ago

Yes indeed. It is unbelievable but quite possible. Hehe.

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1 month ago

walang bayad sis? I am including you in my prayers.. whatever your feeling of pain, don't doubt that God can heal you. He is the Creator, mighty and powerful, if it is His will that you will be healed, you will surely be healed. Just keep the faith.

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Yes sis libre. Di ko alam bkit panay doubt pa rin utak ko... 😅 Siguro mahirap lang paniwalaan kahit nangyari na nga. 😅

Thanks for the prayers. I will just be grateful of the healing experience n lng din. 😁

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1 month ago