The Great Twitter Migration: Where Some Have Gone

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4 months ago

Lol I've been on another site for more than a decade and now I'm seeing an influx of new members. πŸ˜… I'm thinking, oh no the quiet I once knew will be filled with more feed chatter, yada yada yada. But of course only if I would follow or add them as friend/s.

Looks like many people are leaving the blue bird (Twitter) for other sites just because Elon Musk owns it now. I am not a fan of him too because he is the so-called anti-Christ and all that shizz. (Your preferred search engine is a good "friend" to ask. 😁) Despite that I will still keep using the site because property clients everywhere should easily find/contact me. Haha.

Now of course I'll be mentioning the other site I've been seeing more activity on. You might also become one of its new members. Who knows, right? Anyway it depends on you if you'll be one of those who will leave/have left Twitter completely.

I've read a few articles on where some people have gone to but I am not familiar with any of them. Of course I have my own sites to share with you dear reader. Perhaps you haven't even heard of these before. 😜

First of all here is the other site I was talking about.

Have you heard about Plurk?

Yes, Plurk. What is that? Well it used to be a rival of Twitter. I say 'used to' because Twitter has become too big to compare to this other site. Imagine even Elon Musk bought it! πŸ˜† Meanwhile Plurk has been around since 2008 and doesn't make quite a buzz that much.

It's also a microblogging site but more fun and cuter! It's customizable too. Meaning you can change the background and overall look of your profile. And yes I did change mine several times. Hehe.

There used to be a lot of "skins" to choose from at certain sites. You could put the template code in the customize layouts page. Too bad this site isn't as popular as when it started. Thus the custom theme providers aren't making, providing or updating themes anymore.

Screenshot from Wikipedia.

There was a time when people's profiles got jumbled up because a certain theme provider site probably deleted their service or something. I didn't quite check on what happened but of course I just did my best to edit my account's custom theme code.

Okay I might be blabbering on if you're unfamiliar with the site. Let me just say that it's still a fun place to post microblogs. I've been using it on and off over the years.

Most of my "old" Plurk friends have been inactive for a long time but are still on Facebook. I guess the majority of active members are from Taiwan? I dunno. Never checked but afaik artists are there or people who are into Second Life. (Don't ask me abt it because somehow I don't think I'd be joining that site soon.)

Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of Filipinos there lately because of the Twitter migration. Also saw an American who just signed up saying others should join too.

There you go. New accounts have been created, old accounts have been revived. Well let's see if they will stay or if this will just be a phase. 😜

Microblog to Earn Sites

Well hey if you're not into earning online this might come as a surprise. Yes there are sites where you can earn something out of your short posts. Of course that something is some kind of cryptocurrency (crypto). πŸ˜†

Truth be told I haven't heard or seen people signing up to these two. No I don't think people are aware of these yet. Might as well share both sites for everyone to enjoy. Hehe.

If you're looking for other Twitter alternatives, feel free to click the invite links below to join us there!

Screenshot from Bing search result.

1. DBuzz

This site is on the Hive blockchain. If you've ever been on any write-to-earn sites you'd probably be familiar with Steemit. Hive is from a hardfork of the Steem blockchain.

If all this sounds confusing please learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, crypto wallets, trading, etc., before joining. πŸ˜‰ I mean it. Save yourselves the trouble of doing it now than never. πŸ˜‚

Either way you can just join DBuzz and to heck with it as long as you can microblog huh? πŸ˜‚ All up to you. But if you want to cash out your Hive or HBD crypto earnings it's best to learn everything I mentioned. 🀑

2. (and

Of course members are already aware of this site if they also have a account. If you aren't familiar with both then let me tell you about it.

Screenshot from the homepage of

To cut the long story short: --> --> First there was and then the rest were created for people to earn or share the crytocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH). That's it. Hehe. is a fairly new "microblogging" site. It's sort of an offshoot of the now almost defunct The latter is supposed to be just for microblogs but there aren't any character restrictions either. Everyone is free to post long or short entries.

Okay, this might not be what microbloggers are looking for because it's not like the rest. Why? Because you can post longer content. 😁 Seriously, isn't that something? Haha.

Unlike Twitter, Plurk or DBuzz which have character limits, you can actually write a plain article, add pics and still post it! Cool right?

Have you left the blue bird site yet?

As mentioned I won't be leaving it anytime soon. Even if it has become as toxic as Facebook I am still staying for business reasons. πŸ˜…

How about you? Will you keep using it like me or switch to other sites instead? Hehe.



* * *

Lead image is from Unsplash.

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I also can't leave blue bird website 😁 i don't have any plans to leave twitter. Yes I'm aware f Noisecash and noise app which are best platform

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Alright. Haha.

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