No! You are only helping yourself, not me. Perhaps both!

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Does helping others drive our own success?

A lot, if not all religions and moral beliefs uphold the act of acting kindly which includes talking well to people, helping others financially or in whatever way possible, sorting things out for those who are in dispute and so the list goes on and 0n. The acts of kindness are endless and you can always choose from the endless lists but have you ever for once thought of why you offer the help you offer to others? Have you ever take a brief moment to think of why you do the things you do(it is only a habit for intelligent people to analyse their actions truthfully to gain clarity as to why they do the things they do), but have you thought of why we help people?

You see, no matter how good or "spiritual" we think we are, they is still a bit of selfishness within us. Bear in mind that the word "selfishness" has been too misused and misinterpreted that we only see the negative side of it. There is a form of selfishness that is, infact, necessary, talk about self-love. There is another form of selfishness that focuses solely on the self, this is the form of selfishness that is disliked because it does not care about the harm it does to other people, as long as it makes the possessor of this form of selfishness feel good, this is the negative aspect of selfishness. There is also a form of this selfishness that l ets you strive in a cause of making yourself feel good, and then making others feel good, or making 0thers feel good, and then making yourself feel good(note the other in which they are arranged).

There are people who do good deeds not because they really want to, but because they want other people to see the good they do so that they would get their favors in form of praises or other forms of acknowledgement. That is a form of selfishness as the intention of helping is not really with them, but rather they were doing it for themselves in the long run. They are others who offer help because of the bad people they were in the past and so, they only help others so as to feel better about themselves, not to get any form of praises. For those who believe in religion, they offer help to gain the favors of God or because God says we should help others, they do it because they wanna go to heaven. They do it because they do not want to go to hell. IS that not doing it for their own good in the long run?

There are also those who help others, not because they see it as a means of going to heaven, not as a means of feeling better about themselves nor as a means to gain other people's praises. They do it because helping others is simply the right thing to do. They do it because they want to see others happy. I am sure these kind of people become happy themselves when they see other people happy, so the help also resulted in their happiness which has to do with themselves, so now, do we say that this is also a means to a selfish end?




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