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Missed Chance

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5 months ago

"Good things come to those who wait and believe."

A beautiful line of words isn't it?

When I was a child, my mother used to say this to us. We're trained to do house chores at a young age for us to prepare the puberty or adulting period. Some children in the 90's, (now you know I'm one of the 90's kiddo 😉) like me for example were given task like washing the dishes, sweeping the backyard or watering the plants. My mother was very fond of plants that's why our surroundings were full of it. After finishing the assigned tasks, there will always be rewards that will be given to us. As a kid, a packet of chips or a couple of lollipops would be a delight for me as a reward. But aside from those rewards, mama would always say, do you want more good things to be received? I would gladly nod my head with a twinkle in my eyes and she would say, wait for a couple of days, if you keep up what you're doing now then there's a big surprise at the end of the week. Well how cool is that eh? Do you know what reward is that? It's my very own bicycle, without the two supporting tires 🤭. I've been asking nonstop about how I wanted it because all my friends had it and I envy them especially if they do rides near the beach. And after obeying everything my mama asked me to do and waited patiently, I finally got it. Well, that's one of my childhood memory that sure I can say, good things come if you'll wait and believe.

But growing up, I'd say these words helped me a lot. Not on any rewards that I can get but more on the reality of life. There are some parts of my life that I can say it's more on the waiting period.

Growing up, I am always present at any dance events at school or even fiestas in our community.

Old picture of my dance escapades 🤭

I'm always at the frontline for I memorized dance steps easily and executes it perfectly. I think I'm on first grade at that picture dancing a cha-cha special. Almost all of the ballroom dances were what I used to dance. My fondness in dancing continued for the whole period of my elementary days.

High school came and my dancing skills improved more with the help of my co-dancers and our choreographer at school. I feel extremely happy at that time because when I dance, I can express myself more. With every whip of my hips and stomp in my feet feeling the music in my ears, I feel freedom and pure bliss. For the three years of my high school, our dance troupe didn't get the chance to qualify in the interschool cheerleading competition and it's okay with me, maybe for my last year, we'll be able to compete. My fourth year came and suddenly the heavens answered our prayers because we qualified to compete.

All the preparations had been made, the costumes, the choreography, the dancers should be prepared before the date of competition. My only struggle at that time was money for the costume. As we don't have any sponsors that time, we must pay for our individual costumes for us to join. If you had the time to read my 2nd article titled Forgotten Hero, my last year in high school is a struggling year for me as my father already succumbed into drinking nonstop. I had plead for my mother if she can give me some money for the costume as I'm out of time to produce one. I would make the money myself if it's weeks or months prior, but it's a five day ultimatum and a thousand at that time is a very expensive money.

So you could guess the outcome on that day. I didn't get to perform with them. I still vividly see the sadness and pity my mother gave me when I cried in front of her. I waited for three years for it to happen and it went bubbles when it came.

Well, as my mama said, good things come to those who wait and believe, I waited and believed for it but it never came true. That's my first encounter of a fallen dream that even if you wait and believe, if it's not meant for you, then it will not be meant for you.

Post Note 

Hey there lovies,

Hope your doing fine wherever you are. I pray for safety for everyone as the surge of the virus is at large. Don't be sad for the ending for I already moved on for that and the good news is I performed my much awaited dance in my college years. 😉 See you in my next article. 👋

Cheering you always,


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January 11, 2022 / 23:18 PH time

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Written by   41
5 months ago
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I'm a 90's kiddo too! Haha I feel you and that's one of the lessons I've learned the hard way too. Missed opportunities are quite sad if you look back but it really left us with "ahh, that's okay because.." moments and realizations. Looking forward to your next update!

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5 months ago

It's a little bit sad but we'll get over it for some time. Haha. Thanks for dropping by sis. I'll visit yours too. ☺️

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5 months ago