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A picture speaks of a thousand words.

I like taking photographs. May it be nature, people, infrastructure, cultures and all the wonders there is in this world, it's a pleasure to take some magnificent shots to look back when scrolling in my gallery. @itsmeCguro tagged me for this ongoing prompt challenge and it took me a day to finally decide for my photos, I have a lot in here and it's quite confusing on what fits best. 🀭 So here it goes.

Oldest Photo on your Phone

This was taken in the year 2014 when I was assigned in a far away place, kidding. I was just a 5 month old employee in the mall when they decided to transfer me temporarily in the Digos branch. I have a lot of fun in there, as you can see in the photo, a big smile for someone who's hugging me in my back. She's a young colleague taller than me. 🀭 We're three ladies who were transferred that time.

Latest Photo on your Gallery

Recently, I like to capture my hand in anything sparkly. Lol. Like these rays of the reflecting sunlight from the mirror across the building. I named this photo "Vuelvo Enseguida".

A photo you have no idea what it is about.

When I went for a vacation in boracay, I just clicked everything in my camera that gets my attention, but for this photo, don't know why I have that. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Maybe a souvenir that almost all of the beach goers there were wearing two piece. I'm a bit conservative. Ehem! πŸ˜…

An Embarrassing Photo

When pandemic doesn't exist, we normally have a Friday blitz in one of our stores. It tackles about the brands weekly performances and I don't know why I'm always at that meeting. Meetings really bore me, so I just settle in a corner and sleep. Unluckily, my supervisor caught me in action and took a snap, sent it to my messenger and made fun of me. Don't worry, we're tight so I didn't get any punishment for that. Haha. Just a little bit of teasing. πŸ˜‚

The Worst Photo

I cannot find any worst photo but let me tell a story about this one. When I went to a friend's province, I'm really fascinated by those cute little piglets that I really reached out for them. But after that photo, I ran for my life as they chased the life out of me for touching them. The trauma I got for that. 🀣

A Selfie/Groufie

Stickers in Instagram fascinates me so whenever I feel like taking a selfie, I always include them. I'm a bit irritated there but my colleague really wanted me to try that one out so it turned out that way. ☺️

The Best Photo

This would be my best photo for I genuinely felt happy in there. After the mass I attended, me and my friend Tere, just stayed for a couple of minutes to wander in the area. Talking to Him would always be my greatest refugee. I have some big problems that time so I rarely smile in camera and in person.

A Photo of Food you Want to Eat Again

This chocolate shake topped with red velvet cake is my always comfort food. I miss eating this as Cheat time Bakehouse is still not fully operational. I always prepare some meds for my acid reflux will occur after eating. "Masarap ang bawal." ehem. πŸ˜…

A Place you have Been that you Want to Visit Again

We visited Camiguin last 2019 when my mother and her college classmates did a reunion. Me and my youngest sibling just tagged along just to have some vacation. We had some fun but not totally as the elders get tired easily. I wanna come back again there to fully tour the island.

A Photo of Someone you Admire

From almost all of the prompt articles I read in here, their mother is someone they admire and so am I. She's the reason why I stay brave and strong in this cruel world. Her smile would always be my motivation in everything I do.

Beach/Resort/Getaway Photo

Samal Island is one of our beach to go. I remember that time we went there just because I have cough and colds. And they say, the saltwater makes the colds go away. Hehe. Such expensive treatment yet after swimming the cough and colds didn't go away. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Funniest Photo

It's a friend of mine, Nancy when we played in an indoor trampoline in our area. The laugh I did while recording the video in this. She literally backflipped in here.

The Most Memorable Photo

The Pilgrimage of Jesus Christ that can be seen in Alaminos Pangasinan would always be memorable to me. The hike I did just to get on top is very tiring yet very satisfying when you reach the top. I prayed hard and poured my heart out in there. Such beauty would remain in my heart forever.

Post Note

Hey there lovies,

So that's my gallery showroom to you. Just a bit of it that represents me as a homo sapien. Haha.

I would like to encourage @charlsss to do this prompt also, even though she's new in read, I know she has lots of photos to show.

See you in my next article. πŸ‘‹

Cheering you always,

LuaDesamor πŸ˜‰

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I kept thinking about how I can share some my photos herr because I'm quite shy. I'm introvert though. Anyways, I like how you organized your photos and tell us behind the story about it. The Pilgrimage of Jesus Christ was one of the best site we can go to Pangasinan

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1 year ago

Hello Den, you can actually put stickers or blur the image if you're not comfortable to show it. Hehe. Thank you for dropping by. Be waiting for your gallery raid soon. Have a nice day. ☺️

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1 year ago

You supervisor is really sweet that he did not give you any punishment. There is a saying that ' every picture tells a story' your every picture is filled with lots interesting and funny stories.

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Yes, I do have a lot of stories behind the pictures I took. That's why as much as possible, I don't delete pictures that easily. Thanks for dropping by. ☺️

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1 year ago

I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading their little background stories. Chocolates trigger your acid reflux? In that case, I'll agree. Minsan masarap ang bawal haha. I do believe salt water has its healing powers, but in my case it's for skin asthma. Dust triggers mine kaya namamantal tapos dapat laging dagat, pag naligo okay na haha so expensive kasi I live in the city. Pero never ako naniwala sa colds and cough na mawawala because of salt water haha kasi I always get it after the outing. funny, isn't it? You look good, Lua, especially when you're happy!

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Chocolates are a big no sabi ni doc pero kasi masarap siya lalo na ung goya white chocolate. Hehe Ay naku si mader C, un palagi sinasabi lumublob sa dagat para ubo at sipon mawala. Naku, gusto lang mag outing eh, malayo kasi to na Island sa siyudad kaya may kamahalan sa pamasahe palang. Kaya nga, smile nalang tayo lagi para bawas wrinkles. πŸ˜…

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1 year ago