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The generation today is way too different than the youth before. It's not about the generation gap but more about the trends today. I've just watched an episode of project night fall where there are people who chose to live the ancient way. It's was historic and iconic for choosing to live the old way than to go with the trend today. Their homes, house apparel, clothes, and even their looks are all vintage. They just loved tmhow the ancient world looks. They just chose to live that way in a modern world. Some of them are married couples.

There is not much difference except for a few distinct things.

Habits. Before, there's no internet connection nor gadgets to use to easily communicate with others especially if that person is miles away from you. There's what you call telegram and love letters which are still as sweet as before. Today, you can have an instant communication with anyone no matter how far he is. You can even see them face to face and hear their voices just fine. Well, as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Time zone. There's not much to do at night since the electricity is not that developed. They'd have to use lamps in order to shed some light on their households. They go to sleep as early as they can since there's not much to do at night. Sleeping early makes them awaken early. Unlike today when kids.spend of their time playing in gadgets, sleeping at dawn thinking that it's okay. They'll know it's consequences once they start reaping the fruit of their labor.

Games. The games before are not based on gadgets and virtual world. They play with each other using physical strength, wit and tactics. It's the time when everyone can easily go out after studying and play with their friends without feeling far away from each other even if they are just together in one place.

Education. They study in schools and whenever they have assignments they'd have to spend a good amount of time in libraries reading and taking notes in their papers. Unlike today where everything is just one click away, students can easily get ideas and make research by using their fingers. Copy and paste system to be exact.

Transportation. Riding horses, walking, cycling, and even riding in chariots are common. It's the ear when the air is fresh and no matter how far the distance is, it's accessible. Unlike today, that even if the oakce is walking distance, people still choose to ride their own cars or public transportation. Nowadays what's in demand is to have your own car since there is a pandemic. If you're a cyclist, you'll have to be twice as careful since there are too many vehicles on the highway.

Love. As long as you touch the hand of a woman, you're ought to ask for her hand in marriage. You're supposed to get the favor of her family, especially her parents. You need to have your own home and your own stable job which will provide for your family needs. Today, even if you already have a baby, there's no room for marriage. People can be as irresponsible as they can be not wanting to involved themselves in a lifetime commitment.

Before, you can't jump out from a relationship to another, since it's a form of disgrace. You can't spend the night with your boyfriend for it is a form of disrespect to you and your family. If you want to do this things, then you'll have to get married.

Attire. A woman wears dresses while men wear formal clothes. Women are supposed to act prin and proper while men are supposed to act manly. They show great elegance, chivalry and respect for one another. A woman is considered a precious gem. Women stay at home to take care of their kids and serve her husband while men has to go out and work hard for their family. Life seems to be a lot easier than it seems.

Infidelity. No one can cause third party without getting scratched. Being the other woman of a married man is a serious crime. You can verb be banished for trying to steal someone else's husband. It's the time when faithfulness is mandatory, not unless you want to be criticized and be put in prison once you're held accountable for being adulterous.

Today, the third party acts more like the legal wife wanting to take away everything from the legal wife in the eyes of God and in the law. They are more vicious and they try to make what's been owned by others as theirs.

Language. As I have observed, more adults are fluent in second language than the kids today who often thinks that it's stupid and funny learning one. The time of having respect for their own language is way too difficult today more than it seems.

Nature. Fresh air, crystal clear oceans, green grass, flourishing mountains, sky full of stars, and less pollution in every way. The nature is a lot safer before than today.

Today, mountains are flattened in order to build homes and buildings. It was once green but now all brown. Homes are built near water streams which makes it dirtier and difficult for marine lives to strive. The pollution from factories and vehicles are all taken by the earth.

Global warming continuously happen and all living things are affected. Natural disasters are more dangerous than before.

What do we do about it?

Do not throw your trash anywhere. Your trash will surely find its way back to you. You will reap what you sow. It's already happening. Put it in its proper can.

Do not just sit down and be an expectator. Use your voice to stand up for what is good. If you are too eager to fight for a group you idolize, why can't you do so for the earth? We only have one earth to live in.

Be a responsible citizen. As a responsible citizen, you must act responsibly. Little movements lead to bigger ones.

Do the ♻️ recycling process. Sell what can be sold in junkshops. Avoid using plastic. Use the biodegradable items as fertilizers. Instead of trying to put trash anywhere, put it in its proper area. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

Do not waste the natural resources. Natural resources can't always be there for us. It also has its limit so as long as you can use it without wasting it then do so.

Avoid using plastic. There are different movements where they ban plastic in a certain place or area. Use reusable eco bags. Bring it anywhere you go. There was this one store where they highly discourage the use of plastic so what they did was to make their customers carry their own jars or their own containers. The customers will have their containers weighed upon entering the store and it's weight will be deducted from the price of the item they bought.

It's a clear form of fighting against the destruction of the world.

Be a concern citizen. If you know that someone is unruly or someone isn't doing their part in helping the world to heal then never be afraid to speak out. This is easier said than done but if you don't reprimand them then who will? If not now when?

Educate the younger generation today. They'd need people to open their eyes upon these things so they won't be ignorant about it. If they are taught right, then they'll surely reach the generation after them the same thing.

There is a consequence in every wrong decision or action done while there is a blessing for every good thing done.

Be a warrior today for the better tomorrow.

Do not waste your youth in nonsense things. Be a youth or moral, value and good legacy. You won't forever be youth, so use it wisely.

There's not much difference about today and yesterday except for the fact that many are talkers but only a few are doers.


January 21, 2021


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