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Working is one thing, but working smart is another thing. It's important to assess the way you work in order to know where you're lacking, what are your strengths and weaknesses, create a do's and don't s list as well as evaluating the worth you have achieved the past few days of your work.

It's important to work hard but hardwork doesn't pay off as much as working smart. Have you ever experienced working the hardest you can and yet it's still not enough? Or have you ever seen someone who doesn't even seem to put an effort and get he's still gets what you have always longed to achieve?

"Hire lazy people, for they always find ways on how to get a work easily done."

This quote is somehow true in a sense but it is also way too risky to execute. Most companies look for hardworking, dedicated, intelligent and industrious employees. If you have said even a single word for the company to not consider hiring you then your chance to have the job is done.

Your best competitor is not your boss, colleague or someone else. Your best competitor is yourself. It's best to compare your current performance to your previous one. It's important to understand that nothing is easy when it comes to any job.

Other people might find doing their jobs easy if it's what they've always wanted in the first place for example doing your passion. It's risky but worth it. It will always give you the motivation to keep arriving to become better in what you do.

"Choose your passion, so you won't need to work even a day in your life."

Others have job which they never liked but due to the responsibilities they have, they choose to stay. The boss and workmates are toxic, the workplace is toxic but they have no choice but to stay knowing that it's the only job they'll ever have. They are unhappy but they are not selfish to quit and just live by. They never turned their backs away from their families but chose to keep everything to themselves.

Others have passion and compassion in their chosen career so whether the situation is not favorable to them, they chose to stay because it's what gives them happiness and joy. It's what keeps them going knowing that they are fulfilled by it.

Others have no other choice but to be apart from their lives ones. Sacrificing and living alone just to provide the best for their families. Acting tough, happy and okay even when in fact it was way too painful to even think about. They endure those things because they don't do it for themselves alone. They do it for their families.

Others might have all the privilege in their jobs and yet long to want for more. That more means that they look for something to fill them in even when they know that nothing else can. There's a void which needs to be filled with.

You see a person's situation differs from someone else. Just as to how you can never compare yourself to others, same thing goes with your situation to their situation. You can never tell that his situation is better than yours or that he's always unhappy but if you were in his shoes you'll definitely grab the chance and the opportunity.

Many will tell you that you have everything you can ever think and ask about so what's making you stressed out or even depressed?

Your unhappiness is never an enough reason for you to quit.

Your job pays you much more, what are you still looking for?

Can't you see that you are lucky enough to be on a work from home set up?

Aren't you supposed to be thankful that at least you have a job?

Won't you agree with me that your salary speaks it all for you?

You're just staring and yet you wanted to give up already? You're way too weak.

The reality for most employees are just a few of the situations I've stated. Most employees have no choice other than to endure, stay and just simply survive each day knowing that if they stop working then the next thing is starvation.

How to work smart as an employer?

  1. Give what your employees deserve.

During the pandemic it's understandable that many people lost their jobs,many businesses has to close, and it is indeed a tough and difficult time.

Employees deserve to be paid right on time. As an employer long to become a blessing to your employees. If the employees are paid right then they'd also reciprocate it with hard work and dedication.

Give them the benefits they are entitled to have. Allow them to feel appreciated and loved by giving them what they deserve. It's important to be the right person you can be for them.

  1. Speak kind words.

An employee's first source of motivation is his family and the second one must be his employer. Learn how to give compliment and don't just look at a person's fault at all times.

If you feed your employees with kind words, it will help boost their self-esteem and make the job a little lighter for them knowing that they are appreciated for doing their jobs.

Your kind words mean a lot to someone who struggles but your mean words are what adds up to a person's disappointment and pain. Know what to say and when to say it.

3. Treat your employees as your partners.

A business can never operate without it's employees. Your employees are the main reason for your company's growth and development. If you treat your employees as your partners, not just mere employees then you're making the right decision.

Also it's important to give you and your employees a break. Build connections with them. Try to interact to understand. Converse with them from time to time.

Just a tip, if the wage is too little but your sense of leadership to your employees is good then you're on the right page. Truth is people don't always stay because of the salary. They stay because of the people.

How to work smart as an employee?

  1. Do your tasks on time.

An employee who finishes his tasks during working hours is the one who is productive, not the one who takes an overtime to finish it. Well not unless you are asked to work in time.

It's important to be productive and when it's working hours, you must really be working. Do not make excuses and maximize your breaks so you'll have the right time and energy to perform well.

When it's time for your break, have a break. When it's time for your lunch then take your time eating and chatting with your friends or colleagues so your mood gets lighter. Take a real break.

  1. Be grateful for your job.

Be thankful for the opportunity of being employed especially now that we're on a pandemic. Yes it's difficult and stressful to work but it's more difficult and stressful to be unemployed.

If you're on a work from home set up then it's good for you but if you're on a field, take extra care of yourself. Yes you must work according to how much you're paid for but you must also realize that health is wealth. Money is always secondary compared to life.

A grateful heart is the real game changer. Even when you're facing difficulties, you'll forever be grateful for having that position and living the life you have always dreamt of living. Also, be a blessing to your employer. Pay your employees by doing your job right and doing it on time.

  1. Take a break.

It's okay to take a leave to breathe in. It's okay to cry when it's too much. It's okay to express yourself and to not suppress your emotions. It's okay to feel like wanting to quit by resigning but if your responsibilities and your family is stronger to compel you to stay, then stay.

If your workplace, boss and workmates are the reason for your stress, I don't think they are worth your life. Stress does more harm than what we can actually imagine. Life is only one while other career opportunities are way too many to count.

Never hesitate to leave when respect is no longer served. Never hesitate to resign when you are not compensated right. Always make sure to keep yourself in check. Be the best you can be.

Personal Experience:

The reason why I lasted for two years in my first job is because first, I love what I'm doing, second I have no choice. I need to finish my contract on order to get my certificate of employment. My students and their parents appreciate me and my co-teachers more than my boss does.

My wage is way too low. I was payed in installments. My benefits are not payed. I work for an overtime thank you without even being thanked at all. I was humiliated together with my co-teachers in front of the students. Being scolded and doing other jobs which aren't part of my job description but the worst of all is having toxic boss and workmates.

I was treated differently for passing the licensure exam and saying that I was trying to win the favor of the boss. I wasn't treated as a teacher having a coworker glaring and pointing fingers at me. It was too dramatic but I get to laugh about it now knowing that I'm finally free from them.

Aside from that, our boss has done a few good things to us but those few good things can only be counted in my fingers. Well, he just made me realize that you will never be enough even if you have already proven yourself when you are with the wrong people.

I also hope he rests in peace wherever he's at because he died last year due to health complications. And yes I'm still grateful to him for allowing me to teach and realize what real life is.


April 11, 2021


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