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Week One

Entry #1

Today is my first day in my new job. January 25, 2021, Monday. It was from 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. I encountered technical difficulties and I felt like crying. The good thing is that I have someone whom I can ask about the technical issues I encountered.

Entry #2

Today is my second day in my new job. January 26, 2021, Tuesday. I'm on a work from home set up and the good things is that the internet connection is in good terms today. I met my trainer and she is really kind. I ask her questions and she answers it happily. We introduced ourselves one by one and I'm the last one to introduce myself. It was a fun experience.

Entry #3

Today is my third day in my new job. January 27, 2021, Wednesday. In the midst of the meeting I had an internet signal interruption. I scolded my brother and asked him to do contact the internet provider. Good thing it was back after a few minutes, but it can't certainly go this way. I got mad because what she's teaching is really important.

Entry #4

Today is my fourth day in my new job. January 28, 2021, Thursday. We were divided into 4 groups for our simulation activities and I'm so happy because the group I'm in is doing well. We've had two assessments and I failed the 1st one. Good thing is that we're given the chance to retake it by Monday.

Entry #5

Today is my fifth day in my new job. January 29, 2021, Friday. I went to my other job preference but still I wasn't able to submit my requirements. The department head isn't there yet and I needed to rush home in order to work on time. I've been on the job for a week now. I feel so overwhelmed with my new job. The terminologies, assessments, interviews, lectures and activities are way too different since my line of work isn't this.

I had my period yesterday and I can't seem to focus well but I'm hoping to finish this week better.

A lot of things happened today. It was really exhausting. I had two more assessments today and I failed the 1st one again. I needed to retake it once more. I had another interview and it was fun but then I needed to take another two assessments.

~ Would it be weird if I tell you that I'm unhappy? Yes, I've been praying for a new job since I'll be needing to support my brother's needs in his studies and help my family financially, but I'm unhappy. I don't like my new job and I wake up early each day because I need to work. If I don't work then I'll feel useless again.

~ I don't enjoy what I'm doing but it's not as if I have a choice since I failed to get hired in my preferred job. I put the blame on myself since it was really my fault for not doing enough and not being better.

~ I'm pressured to do better and become better. I can't tell my family or anyone that I don't like my current job since I know how they'll react. They are also expectant of me because they knew that I've been hoping to get hired since last year.

My current mindset:

I need to get hired to the other job so I can leave this current job of mine.

I have to wake up early and sleep as early as I can so I'll have the energy to perform my tasks well.

I wouldn't realize it and I will just wake up that I've been in this industry for a year.

*** These are what I kept telling myself.

Entry #6

January 30, 2021, Saturday. Today is my rest day, but I needed to take 2 initial assessments and 2 retake assessments. It's not as if I'm forced to do this but I chose to do this because I'll have a new assessment by Monday and I wanted my mind to be focused on one thing only.

Well, I really need to be trained well if I wanted to do the best I can.

Entry #7

January 31, 2021, Sunday. Today is my rest day as well and as what I always do, I go to church.


I am one of the blessed employees who doesn't need to travel going back and forth to the office to do my job. I just need a stable internet connection since the gadgets I'll need to do my job has been provided by the company.

My schedule is shifting but it's okay since I can eat healthy and delicious food at home. I done even need to pay for my food. I can even wake up an hour before my time in. I don't need to spend time travelling in heavy traffic and I don't need to use my money for the fare.

I can use the bathroom anytime since I'll just need to go downstairs for it. I'm still on training but I see my job difficult since it's technical and I'm afraid to mess up. The bonus part is that my trainer is kind, considerate and understanding.

It also makes me at ease knowing that I'm not exposed in the outside world for the chance of being infected by COVID-19. My father is 62 years old and he's prone to diseases. I don't want to put His life at risk.

The only problem is the fact that our neighborhood is not as quiet and peaceful as it should be. There were kinds playing just outside our door and there are dogs barking loudly. Even our way too noisy. I even need to share the internet connection with my family.

There were three times when I lost my internet connection. I was angry that I didn't realize the internet connection was back and the mic was not muted. I felt embarrassed because my classmates and trainer heard my outburst. I also need to deal.with my family who often calls me to eat.

I don't want to be rude to them but I still end up doing so. Our house is not in its good condition. Our house needs a major renovation. The floor is creaking whenever someone walks since it was just made of the plywood. I don't have a high desk so my back always feels tired and heavy. I use a small table and I do the Indian sit for 10 hours a day. It's not as if I can complain about it.

The job is too difficult for me. It's not my forte and I needed to learn how to navigate the tools quickly. I'm really glad that my ears are now fine.

I'm also having trouble sleeping in the morning. I remember being absent Tuesday last week since I felt dizzy, light-headed, and I keep on vomiting due to my hyperacidity. I'm just a trainee and yet I was already absent.

I actually told myself that I don't think I'll last in this job. It's just been three weeks but my job felt too long. The benefits and salary are both okay but my mind and body can't cope with my changing schedule.

I drink multivitamins with iron and I'm no longer picky with the food I eat. Before, I don't eat vegetables but now, I eat it. I don't have the right to complain since it's the only meal affordable.

I'm actually really happy when I've had my first salary. It's the first time I was able to get that amount. My half month salary is the same as my monthly salary when I was still teaching at the private school.

If I wasn't hired in this job, then I wouldn't be able to know that my ear has dirt stuck on it. It's a good thing that the company provides the proper medical care for their employees. I didn't pay any hospital bill except for buying a pricy medicine.

To be honest, I don't want to work in this kind of job since this isn't my comfort zone. I'd rather teach but since it's not yet applicable to me then I'll have to stay in this industry until I'm already hired in public school.

I've seen the happy face of my mom when gave her my share for the bills at home. At last I'm able to help her out. I can now start saving up for myself. I can even start buying clothes since I don't have that much.

I'm actually praying that the work from home set up will last until next year. It's way too risky to work on site and travel back and forth.

I also love the idea of having new experiences to share and write in read cash. It was my elective leave last Friday because it's holiday and I was planning to write about this but then I ended up not being able to do so since I didn't have the good amount of sleep which I needed in order to replenish my strength and energy.

Tomorrow is a new day in my job. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


February 14, 2021


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