Vibing with TikTok

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Vibing with TikTok

TikTok is an app which is used to create short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy, duets, make up, or talent videos of 3 to 15 seconds, and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. It is an online platform which is accessible to anyone. I was wondering why many people are entertained by it. I don’t use the app for one specific reason. I don’t like showing off my face and I’m not talented enough to upload videos of myself. Creators take time in editing, thinking of the content and uploading a video. Their followers kept on increasing as they continuously upload new videos.

I watch Tiktok videos from time to time in Facebook or YouTube. I even watch it with my nieces. Most Tiktok videos I watch are about DIY house or room transformation, home cleaning, journal making, duets or make up transformations. It gives me the motivation to do the same thing. Whenever I clean I feel like my stress level is being lessened and whenever I do my own journal I am able to gather my thoughts. It is also the reason why I joined read cash. As I write an article, it helps me to voice out my thoughts and it’s rewarding when I see comments or people reading what I’ve written.

I remember a few people who likes making tiktok videos wherever they are. It doesn't matter whether they are at home, at school, outside or anywhere with a good spot to take a video. They told me that they just need to study a dance step for a few minutes, take a good shot and upload it. When I asked them the reason for making tiktok videos they told me that it’s fun, entertaining and enjoyable. It also somehow eases their stress. It is like a form of distraction.I asked them if they are after the likes, follow and shares and they told me that it is an add-on. Meaning it's a bonus for them but their main reason it because it's enjoyable. Since it is accessible to anyone, even kids are able to watch and do videos themselves. I also see different races, age, gender and even pets. During the lockdown it helped in easing boredom. I watched a tiktok video of senior high school students who celebrated their prom online through tiktok by passinh on the bags of their beautiful gowns. Most tiktokers do Tiktok either to get entertained or to get famous. It is heart-warming to get appreciated and have many followers, but what's more rewarding is being able to do what you enjoy.

There are lots of wholesome contents which are worth watching and sharing. Some content creators like to showcase different talents. It includes singing, dancing, make up, or acting. Some also uploads information filled contents. They share facts which are helpful. Some give tips and educational contents. While others just really wanted to bring good vibes to whoever watches their video. They use everyday activities to showcase their comedian side. I also see couples doing different couple challenges. I enjoy watching especially the DIY projects because it helps me and motivates me to do better. The things which I thought are too difficult becomes easy since it has a step by step procedure. It also inspires me that doing things by yourself is more rewarding than just buying. It also helps me save up money.

TikTok is just an app but it has a great influence just like the other social media platforms. Since it is accessible to anyone, young children or teenagers are the most vulnerable to harm and danger. The average users of Tiktok are teenagers who love to flaunt their beauty and talent for the world to see. Some contents of Tiktok causes alarm and danger to the users and its viewers. It has become a soft porn which seems to encourage young people, especially underage/ teens that it’s okay to show your body to others in order to gain more views and followers. There are different challenges in Tiktok which are disturbing and harmful.

Twerking, Invisible challenge, lifting a woman’s clothes to show her breast and shaking it in front of the camera and pranks which aren’t funny but hurtful and degrading. When you twerk on the camera maybe your thought is that it’s fun and entertaining. On the other hand, the one who sees it might have a different opinion especially if the one twerking is a young child or a teenager who was just starting to discover herself. In the case of invisible challenge, the person will do the invisible challenge by stripping off his or her clothes and show his or her body to the camera since it is invisible. The body parts which is not meant to be seen by everyone was shared to a social media platform and watched by many people. There was this challenge ‘drums’ where a woman will lift her shirt in order to show her breast to the camera and shake it. Of course, the people who sees it love the view. It’s a free show for their eyes to see and enjoy. Some pranks are fun to watch but it’s another thing when you humiliate and post fake videos on your TikTok account just to have content.

Right now, you might be thinking that my point of view of the matter is being too critical or that it’s their life they can do whatever they want, but as someone concern I am obliged to write this and make people see that anything too much is dangerous. As a young adult, I must be concern enough to point out things which are harmful. Many will people will just overlook it and say that it doesn’t affect me anyway but it does affect the children and teenagers involved. You might have a child, a family member, a friend or even someone you just barely knew who is hooked with these negative side of TikTok. I have those that's why I want to spread awareness. Will you just watch this and continue to act that it’s okay to get swayed and try to do these things? Do not turn a blind eye about this. Just take the people you know in consideration that you will not want them to do the same thing or experience the same.

Let us not normalize and enjoy these things. It promotes a negative effect to the society we live in today. It is never okay to show your private parts just to gain people’s approval. We must be there to continuously guide and remind young people about the consequences of an action. The world is already twisted, are we gonna add to that or prevent it from happening further?

If you are using tiktok and uploading videos please make your contents entertaining and wholesome as well. Do not just upload a video or accept a challenge without further evaluating its effects. Please be mindful of your audience. Consider them as well. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, you can do whatever you want, post whatever you want, it’s your life and I shouldn’t care but that is the sole reason why is use the word please.

If you are watching tiktok videos make sure to be responsible enough not to indulge yourself with videos that promotes soft porn and don’t patronize these videos. It might be fun for you but the more that you support it, the more that many people will indulge themselves with these things as well, with the thought that a single video wouldn’t hurt. Remember that the eyes is the window to the soul. Whatever you feed your eyes with affects the way you think, them the way you behave as well as the way you move.

If you like copying tiktok videos or challenges, please make sure that you are not exploiting yourself. Not because many people does it, you will try and do the same thing as well. It doesn’t work like that. Protect yourself from predators and from people who doesn’t like you doing well. Choose the things you’re going to engage yourself with. You must choose wisely. Be responsible and sensible enough before doing something. Don’t just follow the trend. Whatever you do make sure that you have thought of it well.

If you are a parent, guardian or an adult, never stop reminding and guiding young people of the things that must be done and must NOT be done. Let us teach the younger generation and allow them to enjoy their innocence by helping them understand the things they cannot decipher on their own. We are here to guide them and make them realize that every action done has a corresponding consequence.

Even when a video is deleted, the shares and the memory of the people who has already seen it are difficult to delete. As the saying goes, “Respect is earned”, if you want to be respected show that you deserve it. Let us break the norm of normalizing these acts even when it’s harmful. Its influence is bad especially to the innocent young children. We can do better and we can make a change.

Yes Tiktok is enjoyable but without proper guidance it becomes destructive. I’m not against Tiktok or anyone because just as I have stated on the first part of my article I also enjoy it. I just want to inform and encourage everyone to become responsible and teach the younger generation about taking responsibility of their own actions. Once an action is done it can't be undone.


November 23, 2020


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