Understanding Women (Maternal Love)

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A woman is not just a woman. She is always more than what people expect from her. People say that a woman is never complete not unless she has a child. This might not be the case to all women out there but it's the reality of life that no matter what happens, a woman will always be a mother in some way.

A mother is someone who is a female parent. Maternal instincts starts at a young age. It was the time when a girl is given a baby doll and she fosters it. She changes its clothes, puts it to sleep, carries it and acts as though it has life. She even prepares milk for it and whenever it cries, she makes it stop crying by rocking and singing a song for it.

There are different ways on how a woman is considered a mother, but no matter what the reason is, a mother will always be a mother. It doesn't require blood in order to become a mother.

Surrogate mother. For a husband and a wife who would want to have a child of their own, surrogacy is one of the solutions they can use and think of. This is when a woman will carry a baby in her womb for nine months with the egg and sperm cells from the baby's real parents. The real parents of the baby will provide all the needs of the surrogate mother for the whole duration of pregnancy.

Monthly check up, vitamins, food supply, clothing supply, maternal care, allowances and even a huge sum of money after the pregnancy as a sign of gratefulness for the surrogate mom after having to carry a baby in her womb.

Often times, the baby is not able to meet the surrogate mom after giving birth. It is a common thing to do in order to keep distance and see boundaries between the surrogate mother and the baby she have carried in her womb for nine months.

Adoptive mother. A mother and a child doesn't always have to be blood related in order to be called a family. Sometimes it just need two hearts who longs for love and they found it from each other after adoption.

When a baby is adopted, he has equal rights to wealth and everything else from his family. This is a long journey to take. The things needed are adoption papers, home checking, bank records, background checking, an attorney and so much more preparations before an adoption is finally approved.

These little sacrifices are worth it when the baby is finally taken home after this long journey of adoption. It's heartwarming as to how a baby indeed of mother finds a mother in need of baby.

Foster mother. Love is never measured in the amount, it is measured by the heart of the one who gives and receives it. A foster mother Is a mother who acts as a parent or guardian of a child without legally adopting the child.

This is the case to most children who weren't able to experience love from their biological parents. Their friends mom becomes their second mom. The amount of love and care that their friend received is the same amount given to them.

Other children even are hoping to be legally tied to their friends mom but that isn't possible since they are not put up for adoption. Your best friend's mom is definitely your mom as well. Not by blood but buy the love and care that ties you up to her and her family.

Fur mother. With an overflowing love in a woman's heart she is able to extend it not just to the people around her but to others as well, such as a pet. It can be dogs, cats or any other fur babies.

She provides it food, water, shelter, toys, bed, and love. They even go on trips, exercise, walks, baths and to the vet together. She even teachers her dog a few tricks every now and then as well as teaching the pet basic house rules and constantly talking to the dog and disciplining it. It is a proof that dogs are indeed man's best friend. They are there for each other.

Whenever a dog is sick, she is taken to the vet by her fur mom. Her fur mom doesn't treat her just a pet but an important family member. A fur mom is worried for her fur baby and she is even at work for she still has to tend to her fur baby.

Second mother (teacher) Being a teacher is more than just a noble profession. It takes a lot of strength, wisdom, love, patience, understanding, courage, and compassion to students.

It is going beyond school hours just to check if the student is doing well. A teacher's job is not just to teach. She is always more than what you know about her.

Tending to a student who is sick. Counseling a student who loses the will to live. Entertaining young learners in order to learn. Understanding students who are labeled no hope. Guarding a learner who can't sit still. Loving a child who doesn't feel and get it from home. Disciplining a child who is misbehaving. Never losing patience no matter a student has done. Never losing hope and constantly encouraging the child that no matter what the people around her tells her she is forever loved and understood.

It's more than just the pile of paperworks.

Second mother (aunt). An aunt is someone who looks after you if ever your mom is not able to do so. She is the one who spoils you whenever your mom isn't looking. She is a family member who allows you to eat the food your mom has banned you from eating. She's someone whom you share most of your untold secrets because when your mom knows, you and your aunt will hear an earful lesson.

Second mother (godmother). A godmother is supposed to guide and care for you the same way your mom cares for you. She isn't just someone who will give you gifts during Christmas or during the special occasions of your life. She is supposed to be there during your ups and downs.

Mother-in-law. She is someone who will treat you as her own daughter when you have married her son. She might have expectations from you but it's ok. She'll help you in any way she can in order for you to have a blissful married life.

When she doesn't root for you for her son, she might become a villainess in your story but it's important to still respect her for she'll eventually regret treating you that way.

Grandmother. She is your protector from your parents whenever they try to discipline you. She always has this gentle and soothing voice just for you. She takes care of you and wants you to stay with her. She showers you with everything that she can give you. She loves you more than she loves your parents.

Biological mother. She bore you in her womb for nine months. Gave birth to you through normal delivery or caesarian section. She cried in so much pain just to give birth to you. She is the first woman who loved you more than you deserve. She might get mad at you at some point but she will always be the first one to reconcile with you.

A mother can never bare to see her child sad or hurt. She takes care of you from the time you had been conceived up until you've grown older. Her role as a mother doesn't have day off or salary but it will always be the most fulfilling job she ever had.

She might have experienced postpartum depression but she is tough enough not to get swayed with it. She has been with you since the time you have been conceived.

Mothers who lost their babies for whatever reason. She is tough enough to face tomorrow without her little angel. When her baby was called back to heaven, a part of her went together with her baby. She was so happy with the news that she'll be having a baby but destroyed twice as much when she lost him. She might have gone through depression and blaming herself but she is way too strong to allow herself to succumb to it.

Single mother. She cried but she never gave up. She lost her husband but she stayed sane for the sake of her children. She had to become as a mother and a father to her kids. She was rejected and left by the man she chose but she never let it dictate her to be who she is. She works twice as much in order to provide the needs of her kids.

She's a tough woman who doesn't need pity. She deserves salute and respect. She is way too strong that's why her husband avcnot take it. She is a lot more than who you think she is.

A mother is not just a mother. She is who we need to make us whole.


December 22, 2020


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A mother is not just a mother. She is who we need to make us whole.really it's true. And good article for all person.

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2 years ago

There is a true passion for love in every form a woman has and she shows her affection in many relationships. It is true that a mother's love is found in many sincere relationships. You have described love in every relationship very well and likened this love to the love of a mother.

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2 years ago

Thank you for appreciating my article.

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2 years ago

Women are interesting human being. No matter what kind of a mother they may fall in your categories, we, woman, have one thing in common, we love. 💖

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2 years ago

Yes. And that kind of love is unexplainable.

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2 years ago