To Quit or Not to Quit

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Life is never easy. Whatever status of life that you have, it is never easy for you. Each person has his own difficulty in life. That difficulty is never a comfortable feeling or emotion but it will always be part of life. There are also different things to consider before doing something. It might include your family, friends or even your future.

I hate to admit it but I'm afraid of many things. Those things include even the simplest things in life and now that I'm a working adult who has a family to help, a brother to finance (studies), and myself to heal, I need to weigh most things in life. I'm afraid to go to the office or to visit the doctor alone. But I'm an adult and I must learn how to live in it.

To Quit

It's easy to quit when things don't go your way. It's easy to quit when you have the option to do so. It's easy to quit when you have no responsibilities. It's easy to quit when you do things for yourself alone. It's easy to be driven by your emotions. It's easy to get tired and to not care about your future.

What happens when you quit your....

Job. You no longer have a boss to please and workmates to work with. You no longer need to wake up early and go home late stuck in the traffic. You no longer need to think about those annoying people whom you have interacted with. You no longer need to think about the job itself.

But your bills wouldn't leave you alone at all. Your bills will still be delivered on your doorstep, emails and notifications. At some point it might have been fulfilling and relaxing but when the reality of life strikes you down, you have no other option but to feel stressed more than ever.

Studies. You have no modules to make and classes to take. You no longer need to stay up finishing all your school reports and group activities. You no longer need When you ask kids who or what they want to be when they grow up, they will tell you a lot of different occupation which they desire to possess someday. They might be because influenced by their families, friends, cartoon or movie characters and such.

As a child grows older, his preference about certain things are slowly changing. It's often because he's starting to know himself and see the things that he needs and or the things which suits his taste.

After going through that, most high school or college students would desire to start working and earn his own money not knowing that everything he did when he was still studying was all part of his training for his life when he starts working. He will start remembering everything that he has taken for granted when he was still a student.

Children are wonderful blessings from God. They are a source of joy and hope to their parents. Others say that they are the future of the world and they are also the beautiful creations which no one can ever replace. Just seeing a baby can change a person's mood infact there are home for the aged who cater babies together with their moms to bring joy and hope to the elders.

You see even before a child is born his parents already has plans and dreams for him and most of the times, those plans becomes the path of where a child must walk through. It's like an unknown prophecy which is open to all.

Life. I've read that the reason why people commit suicide is simply because they wanted the pain to end. That unexplainable pain which can't be deciphered.

It's like an escape if a person dies when in fact there's more to life than physical death. Whether you believe it or not there is heaven and hell. The Lord will come once again to judge the world and when He does, no one shall be spared from it.

No one has the right to invalidate your pain or your feelings and emotions. What you feel is relevant and must be understood. The pain you chose to hide and conceal is the same pain which keeps you up at night. It's not as though you didn't try to at least let it out or share it to others. It just so happen that they don't understand and they don't take it seriously.

Each person has his own silent battles whom he tries to win and overcome by himself. Those silent battles are mostly the battles within. I've also come to a conclusion that not all battles are worth sharing, actually most of it are silent battles.

Personal Experience:

I don't want to invalidate how a person feels. I've had an encounter with someone who has a depression and I asked her where does the pain comes from and she said she doesn't know anymore. She developed a heart disease which only her can heal.

Now, she's a happy and healthy person she is who still has a lot of battles but she fights it head on and I'm happy and proud to see the stronger version of herself.

If ever you're losing hope or your thinking about quitting in anything especially your vices, please be rest assured that you are never alone and you always have someone who's got your back.


May 3, 2021


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