The Healing Process

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There are two major types of pain. Physical and emotional pain. Physical pain is when there is an external wound which caused you pain while emotional pain is when there is an internal wound which is unseen, only felt.

Being in pain is a normal reaction of the body when something unfortunate or a foreign body is in you which you don't actually expect or ever desired to have. Practically speaking, no one ever desired to feel pain or be in pain. If possible, we would all just simply desire to be at peace and always feel joyful, but in reality, we can never achieve that.

Life is not life without pain, struggles, trials and problems. We will always need something to remind us that we are after all humans. We are the highest form of God's creation as He has given us the opportunity to govern all His other creations and we are the ones who has the ability to communicate with Him.

The first type of pain is physical pain. With proper medical attention, it's definitely sure that all the visible wounds can be healed in mo time. It is something that can heal as it is seen and the diagnosis is a lot easier.

On the other hand, emotional pain, is the type of pain which is not visible. It is kept deep in someone's heart that when all the pain is too much, it definitely comes out and spread havoc to the people around you. It's easy to say that you can handle your emotions, you can get through it or that you're just acting up simply because no one can ever understand how you feel.

This type of pain can be hidden which is why many people are unaware that it was actually a serious matter and if it's not addressed appropriately, it can't be mended anymore as it causes a deeper wound in the heart.

If animals can feel the sadness of losing someone, how much more can a person's heart do so?

Our dog is never the same anymore. He lost his joyful side and has been sickly since then. He's waiting for papa to come home. Everytime someone calls out from outside our house he barks. When he hears the screen door, he barks and he would always look at the door waiting for someone to arrive. When papa was brought to the hospital, our dog kept on barking and he doesn't want papa to go so he decided to stand on guard at the door. He must have felt that if ever papa leaves the house, he will not return home.

Our family will never be the same. We are always complete and we will forever remember papa in our memories. Early in the morning, as I was washing the dishes, I cried. I was imagining myself at the beach, watching the sunset and telling my father everything.

"Hindi mo man lang nahintay na magturo na ako ulit. Ngayon sa public school na.

Hindi mo man lang nakita ang magiging boyfriend ko at future na mapapangasawa.

Hindi mo man lang ako mailalakad sa altar kapag ikakasal na ako.

Hindi mo man lang nahintay na makapag beach at makapag Baguio tayo I kaya makapag bakasyon sa Bicol.

First birthday ko na wala ka. Dadaan pa ang pasko at bagong taon. Pati mga espesyal na okasyon pero wala ka na.

Kaya ka pala naghihingi ng 5,000 pesos kasi ipapamana mo sa mga kapatid kong lalaki ang mga relong binili mo.

Kaya pala sabi mo mag boyfriend na ako para may mag aalaga sakin.

Kaya pala kinausap kita ng araw na yun kasi yun na pala ang huling beses na makakausap kita at mahahawakan.

May mga what ifs ako tapos nagpakita ka sa panaginip ko lately. Sabi mo, "Masaya na ako Ne, Oras ko na kasi kaya nandito na ako". Ang bata ng itsura mo hindi nga kita nakilala. Pinakita mo sa panaginip ko na anoman ang mangyari ng araw na yon ay hindi ka na talaga makakauwi sa bahay ng may buhay.

Pero okay na kami pa, magiging okay kami para kay mama. Aalagaan namin ang isa't isa. Pahinga ka na pa ha. Bantayan mo kami bilang isang guardian angel. Mahal na mahal ka namin. Magkikita pa tayo pag pinauwi na rin kami ni Lord. "

As I am writing this right now, I'm crying. The pain is still there and I don't think I can ever move on from this pain, I can move forward with life but I can never move on from the pain of losing you.

It's easy to say to someone who just recently lost a loved one to stay strong, he's now in a better place, I'm sorry for your loss but all those things don't really matter.

Allow the person who lost a loved one to grieve. Allow that person to cry to his heart's content. Allow that person to just be sad. Allow that person to just mourn.

If you're in pain, cry all you want, do things that can comfort you. Allow yourself to feel the pain and be in the process of healing. It's never a sign of weakness if you cry.

Healing from any type of pain is a process which leads you to knowing yourself better and showing you how tough you actually are. It's okay to be in pain. It's okay to get hurt. It's okay to be in pain. Just make sure that after that process of healing, you are ready to face the next challenge happily and stronger than before.


October 26, 2021


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Nice Article I actually like your thought on Life is not life without pain and I totally concur with this statement sometimes we need to feel it in order to grow or move past some things. I believe pain is different and it shapes us, it makes us who we are

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Exactly. By the way thank you for taking time to read this ❤️

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You're welcome

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