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Have you ever wondered why we have two ears and one mouth?

Have you ever wondered why our eyes produce tears when we feel so happy or when we feel so sad?

Have you ever wondered why can't we just be happy?

Have you ever wondered why most people consider crying as a form of weakness?

There are so many reasons for a person to shed tears. It might be because of pure joy, pure sadness, emptiness, the feeling of losing someone and so much more.

There are silent battles we have to face and there are battles that are meant to be shared. Our point of view in many things differ because we are not the same with one another. We have to live in acceptance to that.

Others are too sensitive where every detail, whether big or small matters. Others are fine with anything as long as it's not life threatening or doesn't affect them in any way.

I am the kind of person who is sensitive in everything but you won't notice it because I have a strong personality. But not because I'm strong means I am not hurting. Having a strong personality is an advantage for me because it gives me the upper hand in handling a hurtful situation. You will never see me she'd a tear or back down especially when it's you who is at fault. I won't retaliate not unless you're too much. I will santd my ground and make you realize that you have misjudged me. After a confrontation you'll see me okay but when I'm alone I'll cry my heart out. I'm also human. I also feel pain.

The problem with people who has strong personality is that most friends or relatives doesn't pay much attention when you give signs that you are unhappy. They think that you're fine because you are known to be tough and strong that no matter what problem you go through, you can surely triumph over it. No matter how strong a person is, he will also have weak and down moments. He also needs someone to be there for him.

I remember an instance when I was being melodramatic about something but one of my friends told me that it doesn't suit me. If it's our other friend then it's acceptable but with me it's not because it's just not so me. I am the one who makes other people cry or comfort them but I am never known as someone who needs to be comforted.

On the contrary, when a person is melancholic it's like an automatic deal to check and be sensitive around her. Many people take notice of her every move and her every blabber.

I'm not saying it's unfair, what I'm saying is checking on someone must not be based on her personality. Each of us wants to be asked "How are you?" from time to time.

I have experienced crying with no sound because my family will hear me. I felt like there is no reason for me to cry so I allow all my emotions to bottle up inside that when it's too much I cry. I cry to the point that my throat hurts for trying not to make a sound. I've done this because it's the only way I know on how my pain will be eased. At least after crying I'll feel more human and more like myself. It's like a reminder to me that I am still doing okay and I have emotions.

I am known to give encouragement so when I needed it no one gives it to me because I don't need it. I'm encouraged enough and tough enough to handle my own battles.

It's actually the reason why I want to be there for someone who is hurting because I know how it feels like. I know how it feels when no one is there for you. I know how difficult it is to contain your emotion because when you pour it out no one will understand. I know how a simple hug or a simple tap on the shoulder can make you feel at ease. I know how a simple "How are you?" means a lot when you're not doing okay. I know how it feels like wanting to cry on someone's shoulder and just have someone there. Even without speaking or without doing anything, just being there when someone feels so down means a lot.

❤️ Have you ever wondered why we have two ears and one mouth?

~ We have to ears to listen more, than to talk. We have to be mindful that not everything we say is beneficial. We must listen to understand rather than to respond. Sometimes we just wanted someone to hear us out.

We don't always need someone to argue with. We don't always need other people's opinion or suggestion about us. We just need someone who can understand and hold us close even when we are too broken to hold ourselves.

Fake smiles are ugly but most people prefer to wear it because it's more convenient, even if it means that you're lying to yourself. Genuine smile is still much better than any lipstick.

Sometimes it's good to cry alone but it's much better to cry with someone. Someone's presence is what we needed when we are crying because it changes the whole thing.

When someone is hurting, the best thing to do is to stay, keep quiet and hold her.

❤️ Have you ever wondered why our eyes produce tears when we feel so happy or when we feel so sad?

~ It doesn't need a scientific explanation to understand this. We have feelings and emotions so we cry when we are happy or sad. We are not born robots that's why we feel pain. We are humans so we have these feelings.

The biggest lie I have heard is someone saying "I'm fine", when the truth is it kills you inside. Sometimes a person has to lie than to explain why you're not okay.

After pouring your heart out and stating all the reasons why you're not okay, someone will tell you they understand and it's okay while others will mock you for it. Be true to yourself.

We wanted to open up but constant rejection makes us fearful of it. We have the thought that nobody understands and nobody cares. We end up building walls around us so that no one can hurt us the way we've been hurt.

Know that everyone are not the same. The right people will understand what you're going through even when they're going through something themselves.

❤️ Have you ever wondered why can't we just be happy?

~ There are times when we wish that an event or happy moments won't end so that we'll always be happy but it's never gonna happen. It's just a wishful thinking.

Truth is, we need pain and sadness to toughen us. A diamond came from a charcoal and it is furnished as it gone through heat. It's not as sparkly and as expensive as it looks when you see it's original form. It takes heat which is equivalent for us to bloom beautifully.

There are so many things that can hurt our hearts. Those things are painful journeys to got through but just like any journey, it has an end. The journey might take too long or too short but one thing's for sure, every journey is worth going through.

Things won't always go our way. We have to experience hardships, disappointments, pains and a lot more in order to shape us in our best form.

❤️ Have you ever wondered why most people consider crying as a form of weakness?

~ We try to mask ourselves. We try to conceal something that makes us more human. Crying is okay. It's not as if you committed sin when you cry.

Men don't cry because of their musculinity. Women don't cry because it is a weakness. These are all wrong.

Let's break the stigma that crying is for the faint hearted. Crying is natural. No matter how ugly we look when we cry, we have the right to be upset and cry. It eases what e feel inside. Let us not try to conceal our true selves with fear that we will be rejected when we become real with ourselves.

Crying is a form of strength because not everyone is strong enough to admit what they feel. Not everyone is truthful enough to show that they have feelings too. Not everyone is bold enough to admit that they need someone to hold on to when the pain is too much.

To those who feels like nobody cares or nobody listens, allow me to give you a warm virtual hug with an encouragement that you are not alone. There are people who truly loves and cares for you.

To those who are hurting or knows someone who is hurting, I pray that God will give you peace, live, comfort and right people to be with you during your journey.

To those who feel like giving up, let me pull your hand up and let's hold hand in hand towards facing our adversaries. Please know that you are never alone and there's so much more to life than this. Keep on fighting. Never lose hope.

To those who are afraid of rejection or have been rejected when you've shown your true emotions, I hope that no matter how many times people has hurt you, you will find healing and forgiveness in your heart.

To the one reading this, I pray and I declare that all may go well with you and your family.

Psalm 56:8 NLT

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

❤️ The one who truly understands a creation is the creator. All your tears are never wasted. God collects it all in a battle and every single pain you have experienced has been recorded by God in His book.


November 28, 2020


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