STOP and know the reasons

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To stop means to end. This isn't comfortable at first but it is often worth it. There are a lot of things to consider before stopping. But at the end of the day, it will always be your choice to make.

It can also be considered as a pause or momentarily resting at a certain point and time.

STOP when you're tired. Take a rest then continue. Remember that health is wealth. You I my have one life to live so you better take care of it.

STOP apologizing for other people's mistake. Each of us has to be responsible enough for the actions we do and mistakes we commit.

STOP apologizing for your repeated mistakes. When you continuously repeat the same mistake, it's no longer a mistake. It's an act you did on purpose.

STOP apologizing for who you are. It's too painful to apologize to people for being you. It's way too exhausting.

STOP being a bystander. Whenever you see someone being bullied, be tough enough to step up. If it's not you, then who will?

STOP holding on to your past. Don't make it an excuse not to perform well. There are so many people who has painful past but used it as an inspiration to live a successful and fulfilling life.

STOP killing yourself. You know the do's and don'ts in life but you always choose to do the don'ts. Don't worry you'll know what I'm talking about when the time for you to reap the consequences of your actions come.

STOP proving yourself. You have proven enough. There's no need to become a pushover. It's not a good thing.

STOP holding on to wrong relationships. When you know that it's toxic and it is never right in the first place, you better stop it now before it's too late and you can no longer get away from it.

STOP pleasing everyone. You'll lose your identity by doing so. It's not something you should pursue. Been there, done that.

STOP going with the flow, start going against the current. Only dead fish go with flow. In this chaotic world, it's always much better to do what needs to be done.

STOP patronizing sin. Sin is sin, no matter how much you go and try to rationalize it. You know it's a sin but you kept on doing it just because it gives you temporary pleasure. It's payback is eternal suffering.

STOP holding on to people. They will stay of they want to, you don't need to force them. They will leave when they don't want you anymore. Face the fact that there are people you'll come across with for a while. They'll teach you the things you'll never know without them.

STOP holding on to broken promises. The only one who will break his promise is God. He's the only one I know who has never broken a single promise.

STOP settling for less, you deserve better. Never entertain the thought that it's what you deserve or that it's your choice and you need to prove them wrong. You're just lying to yourself.

STOP being too selfish. Think of other people's well being as well. They also matter.

STOP holding on to your past offenses. Come to think of it, when you have grudge in your heart for someone who doesn't even know that you're mad at him or her, it's more infuriating. Start living life with happiness and forgiveness in the heart.

STOP making excuses. Instead of thinking of countless excuses, start thinking of thousand ways on how to do something productively.

STOP seeking for advice if you're not even going to consider it. It's tiring for your adviser to speak wisdom upon you and yet you have already made up your mind and listen to your heart instead of using your brain.

STOP comparing yourself to others. You are different from them. Even twins are never too alike. They also have their distinct characteristics which makes them unique form each other.

STOP blaming others for your current situation. Remember that the last say is always yours. It's your decision. It's your call.

STOP blaming your circumstances. Many opportunities are opened for you, it's just that you're way too many or way too scared to open the right door for you.

STOP blaming yourself for what has been done. When you blame yourself, it's not as if it's helpful for you. It slowly destroys you.

STOP your bad habits. Your habits can be controlled by you. You know which is beneficial for you and which isn't.

STOP your vices. It's ironic as to how you want to live along life and yet you're slowly destroying yourself. You vices has never done you any good.

STOP saying bad words. It might have been natural for you or it's your expression, it's part of you that you can't change but that's not it. What benefits di you get from cussing?

STOP generalizing people. Not because you were hurt by a man before, every man will do the same thing. It doesn't work that way.

STOP looking for love from the wrong people. The reason why most of us get hurt is not because of other people's deeds. It's actually our fault for thinking that the others will do us the favor of loving us the way we live them.

STOP looking for love from the wrong places. There are places which can somehow lighten up your mood but there are places which just makes you prone to danger.

STOP expecting from people. Not expecting is also expecting. What I'm trying to say is that expectations are exhausting to both the expectator and the one being expected to.

STOP arguing over little things. There are so many things that happened each day and if you take account of every single detail that has happened it will cost you your energy, time and effort.

STOP being disrespectful to your parents. Kids nowadays are way too bratty and ungrateful. You can never be who you are without them giving life to you and raising you.

STOP turning a blind eye from the facts. I hate it when people try to do every means just so they can distort the truth or make their own truths.

STOP crying for the wrong people. They just taught you a valuable lesson you can never know without them.

STOP getting easily angry over trivial things. You can never control your emotions but you can always control your actions and your state of mind.

STOP making a big deal out of every single thing. To react is okay but to overreact is a different thing.

STOP trying to control someone else's life. Live your life. Know that you can never be the puppeteer in other people's lives.

STOP being too dependent. Start doing things on your own. You can never be dependent by just saying that you want to be. You must accompany it with an action.

STOP wasting your life over unimportant things. It's not yet too late to choose the right things to do.

STOP talking about other people's life. Mind your own business. Their life is none of your concern.

Stop living online. Start living in reality.


December 21, 2020


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