Silence is strength

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The world is too noisy. There's different noises everywhere. There's no peace and serenity. The world is chaotic. The nature calls out to be saved but no one seems to hear its voice. There is no peace and serenity, only noises everywhere.

People starts to feel troubled by what the world says. Your looks matter more than your heart. Your profession matters more than your soul. You are measured according to what you can offer. Your credentials are who you are. Your value is based on what you how much money you make.

If you're poor you're looked down but if you're rich and successful you're looked up to. People worship your money. They want what you can give them not who you are. They love the perks they get from you. If you start noticing and you fight back, they say that you've changed. When you eliminate them one by one out of your life, they start throwing rocks at you. The shiny you get the larger stoned they throw at you.

When you're on the average side, people like you for knowing your position when in fact it's them who doesn't know where they'll be. When you start outshining others, they feel threatened thus, reminds you of your place. You'll get crushed and cry asking why does it have to be you. You'll start questioning your value and always be reminded that you deserve the treatment you've gotten.

Keep silent. That's what they want you to do. It's what they expect you to be doing.

When you're silent the people likes you. When you seem to be weak they will trample over you. When you have ideas, plans, dreams, and goals in life, don't tell them. Allow your success to shout for you.

When you're treated unfairly, some will pity you while others will continue to drag you down. The voice of the weak is never heard, thus, it makes you stronger so that your shout will echo through the darkness.

The voices inside your head will never let you sleep. It will make you stay up all night. You will sleep tired and wake up even more tired. The exhaustion will start consuming your whole being.

Go to the people who can help you. Share your burden, open up and be set free. This pandemic has taken a toll on your mind. Anxiety, stress, depression, worries, uncertainties and many more might have consumed you, you need trustworthy people to share you troubles with.

Right people will help you to know and choose what is right. Wrong people will continuously drag you down with them. They will make you feel miserable as they are. They will talk I'll about you and never support you in the process but when you're already successful they will leech off of you.

Whatever you do or say, people will talk about you. Pay them no attention. Always make your goals as your motivation to keep going. Your haters and bashers will not be the one to feed you, it's you who will.

Don't stoop too low just to prove your point. When people try to humiliate you, it's themselves that they expose not you. There are things which aren't worth paying attention to and people who aren't worth minding. Allow them to speak for themselves. When it's your turn, use your silence as your strongest weapon.

Train your mind to filter what you hear and listen to. When what you've heard is a pice of trash, throw it. If what you've heard is a gem allow it to sink in. Accept constructive criticisms but draw the line when it's destructive. You're human. You have feelings and emotions but don't let your emotions to overpower you. Allow your sound mind to drive you int the right direction.

If you bicker in every single insult thrown at you, you'll never have a peace of mind. But if you allow your mind to selects which is important and use it to strengthen you, then you're a true winner.

Let people treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You education doesn't matter. Material things don't matter. Your game, success and even your achievements will not matter after you have died.

What will matter is your legacy. The people around you will atest how good and kind you've been. No need to prove your point.

Start listening to what the Lord tells you.

The reality of life is that everyone will only recognize you after you've been successful and you have already proven yourself.

Learn how to stand up for yourself. Don't always be a damsel who needed saving. Save yourself. Do not rely to people too much. Be independent, courageous, tough and rely on yourself. You will never put yourself down. Your ally is yourself.

Your silence doesn't mean that you're defeated. It can sometimes make you strong. It's not the loud voices of bickering people that will


December 26, 2020


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