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8 months ago

Yesterday was a busy yet productive day for me. I love the fact that I was able to accomplish a lot of things by myself. Instead of just sitting down, browsing Facebook, Lazada or Shopee, I went out and do productive things by running errands the whole day.

I did not set an alarm but I was awake before 6:00 a.m. Upon waking up, I decided to check my phone for updates then I ate my breakfast afterwards. It was supposed to be a non busy day but I had to go to work a few hours just before lunch time.

I went to work and bought lunch on the way which I ate when I got there. I also withdraw my salary for the cut off to pay for bills and buy things. The straps of my bag loosened and I had to tie it up in front of the ATM. I'm just glad that there are no people waiting for me to finish withdrawing for i have to move out of the ATM area. After that, I sorted the forms and files needed for Monday since I'll be releasing documents to parents. I'm glad that the temperature is humid and there's no sun but it's hot.

My coworker waited for me to finish up sorting the files and documents so we can go out together. I also had a lot of fun speaking with her rather than just simply sorting out papers. Upon going out, I then decided to ride a jeepney then walk towards the next jeepney stop for my next destination.

I rode a white air-conditioned bus like transportation. I was about to pay when there was no conductor at the white bus, I tried to give my transportation payment to the driver by giving it to the other passengers when they informed me that it was a free ride. I was so happy because it was unexpected and I was also able to save up the money for it.

When I was on my next destination, I'm glad that there are people in line. I paid for my papa's columbarium but the cashier there was really slow in moving. I also drank water there because the humid temperature was draining out the energy in me.

After paying for the columbarium, I then decided to go out and walk to my next destination. I had to walk through a very high overpass before I got to the next jeepney stop. I was aiming to ride another free ride so when I heard one of the passengers saying that there is a free ride near the clothes stall, I walked over there and was able to ride the same type of transportation.

Then I was off to the next destination which is the payment center. I had to pay for my SSS bills. I decided to continue paying it so I'll have 2 pensions when I retire from my job. I pay 455 pesos per month and this time, I paid for four months from May to August for a total of 1,820. I'm also planning to raise up my SSS contribution by next year. I'll slowly raise my contribution so I won't have any problems in the future.

The line was way too long because there's only one cashier at the payment center. I then decided to send a chat to my nephew and my mom if they wanted to eat at Jollibee. My mom said that my nephew just went to puregold where the payment center was and that they bought groceries for our food pantry.

She also told me that there are a lot of food at the house and so there's no need to buy them food. I told her okay and I continued staying in the line. When it was my turn to pay there was an old woman who doesn't look like a senior citizen wanting to be the first on the line to pay. The person next to me told me to pay my bill already and so I did.

As I was leaving, the old woman was asking if she can go first but I wasn't able to hear the response of the people on the line since I already left. Only to find out that it was actually raining. Good thing that I bought an umbrella with me.

As I was walking home, I felt happy and excited to tell my mom about my little adventure. I did it all by myself and I'm more than blessed to have the favors I received that day. From a smooth travel up to paying not even a single scent for my travels plus the fact that I was able to make my day productive is a great start for me. I'm actually starting to make myself more independent in running errands as I was way too dependent to the people around me.

I also realized that I don't always need to have someone to accompany me walking home, paying bills, going to a doctor's appointment and even eating out. I can do those things by myself just fine because it's what I've always been doing even when I was little. It's not good for me to always long for a company when I can do things by myself just fine.


July 2, 2022


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