Runaway to the unknown

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2 years ago


I sometimes want to runaway

I want to go to an unknown place

With no one who knows me

And live as if everything is okay

For some it might be a form of cowardice

But for me it's a form of reviving myself


I want to treat myself

By going somewhere without a map

No specific destination in mind

Just me and my empty heart

Regaining the smile I've lost

Due to the battles I fought


I want to live in peace

Silence is my blanket

Solitude as my pillow

A place with peace

Just noises from the nature

A time to recollect myself


I wasn't asking for too much

But it's a luxury I can never afford

While my heart is full

About to burst by overwhelming feeling

I want to empty it

Pour out everything inside


I want to detoxify myself

A moment by myself

Is what I look forward to have

No interruptions nor restrictions

Just me and God

Unlimited time together


I sometimes want to look at the future

To see how my future self is doing

Because my current self is exhausted

Everything seems way too much to handle

I'm in a bad shape

Hope to get better soon


Wide awake in my bed

Lying my head on a soft pillow

Typing these words in my heart

My head starts to feel heavy

It's as though it's calling me to have my sleep

My eyelids ate getting heavier


I never thought I'd come to a point

When I'll write about how I exactly feel at the moment

Unsure what's gonna happen next

My fingers started typing on its own

With my heart coaching it what to say

And my brain refusing to rest


No more tears to cry

It's dried up already

No heart to broke

Since it's already broken

Nothing else to think about

I've had it figured out


I sometimes want to be mindless with what I do or say

But that's just way too impossible for me

Sleep is calling me

The cold weather comforts me

As I keep my eyes closed

Hoping for a better tomorrow


January 12, 2021


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