Relationship Status: Knowing priorities

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2 years ago

Nowadays it's a common thing to see young people involved in a romantic relationship. Even Elementary pupils are seen with their so called boyfriend or girlfriend.

As such a young age, I wonder how a child of 12 years old and below know the meaning of love. I think it's normal to have a crush on someone but using the term 'love' for something like this seems to be a little too disturbing. This shows how a person is easily swayed by love even if he doesn't even know it's real meaning. Love is different from like and lust.

Like refers to a particular reason why a person is attracted to someone. It can be the physical appearance, personality, background and so much more.

Lust refers to wanting to be physically intimate to someone. This is more of body talks than allowing your heart to process things. It's wanting to pour out the igniting fire for physical desires.

Love on the other hand is more than the two things mentioned above.

I also meet people who never feels complete by being single. I don't think having a partner or being in a relationship must be the standard for someone to be completely happy. The generation of today is way too compromising.

A person must involve himself in a relationship when he is ready, not when the society is telling him to do so. It's always a matter of readiness.

I highly encourage teenagers to focus on family, friends, atudeis and enjoy life. The time of singleness is way too short compared to the time you'll have to spend when you're already married. Marriage is a lifetime commitment.

My mother always tells us siblings to travel, shop and enjoy life. It's not a matter of rushing, it's a matter of living a happy and contented life.

Students: They are supposed to be studying and enjoying life.

When you're a student your primary goal must be to study and prepare for your future. Love is always just around the corner. It's doesn't make you less for being a student who studies and not entertaining love at the moment.

Where will you get your money for dates when you're still a student? Your parents?

There's nothing wrong with having crush. They can also add up as your inspiration to do better. Things go wrong when you start dating someone who is also a student. As a student, your priority must be to study. Focus with your current situation at hand.

Spend more time with your family and allow yourself to grow so when you're ready to meet your other half, you know that you're fully prepared.

Teenage pregnancy is rampant because casual sex is okay. Having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend is okay. Doing it for fun is okay. It's supposed to be enjoyed by married couples not by curious teenagers.

Virginity is not a big deal nowadays but staying pure for your future spouse is one of the best gifts you can ever give him or her. It's not true that men doesn't lose anything whenever they have sex with someone. They also have virginity.

Imagine a teenager who's just starting to develop her body carrying a baby in her womb because she rushed into having sex. A teenager's body is not yet prepared to carry a baby in her womb. Who will provide for your needs? You must know that there is a consequence in every action done.

For boys, if you really love her, you will wait and not take her innocence. Allow yourself to be a man before pursuing her. Prove how much you love her by patiently waiting without going side ways.

For girls, do not just easily give yourself to a man. If he really loves you he will wait for you then pursue you.

Young professionals: Start building your career. Allow yourself to pursue your dreams and passion in life.

After establishing your career, meet new people and enjoy dating. Do not feel rushed. You'll get there when you're ready. Prepare yourself for better things in life.

When getting into a relationship ask yourself this questions.

Am I ready?

Consider these areas: financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and so much more.

Be sure that when you commit, you commit with everything you've got. Reserve some love for your self because you cannot give what you do not have. If you don't love yourself, you can't share it to someone else.

I would also highly suggest that you get married first before going to the next level.

This article is not to condone anyone. This is just a mere reminder of what people should be doing.

Why am I dating?

~ To have companion

~ To have a long time partner

~ To build a family

~ To go with the trend


December 30, 2020


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