No means no

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Women are known to blabber every single thing they think of. They tend to share what they've gone through and feel the need to have someone to share their thoughts with.

When a woman says no to anyone in any situation or any possible way, she means no. It's not her fault if she rejected you. You have to live and move on.

It's not her trying to test you or trying to get you worked up in order to pursue her. It's not a sign of wanting to make you suffer in order to test your patience.

A no means no. She will never consent in any kind of abuse. Abuse cklomes in many forms and she will never succumb to any of it.

When men gets rejected they feel as though their ego is on the line and take women as a challenge. Well not every woman who says NO to you wants you to add in a little effort. She means what she says.

When a woman says no, it's the end of an argument. You can't change her mind because it's already set for a new thing.

If you still want to pursue her after getting rejected, then it's your call. But the fact that she said no means that she doesn't like it. She never asked for you to continue. It's your choice to do so. So don't blame her if ever her feelings and answer doesn't change even after trying to woo her. It's the time for you to give up on pursuing her.

If you can't handle her, then don't try to make excuses just to make yourself look cool or okay.

A strong woman can be handled by a strong man. If you're weak then stop trying to make her look like the bad guy in the story. She's an alpha female and that's her strength. Now if you're really eager of winning her heart, show her your sincerity and love.


December 31, 2020


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