My Vaccine experience

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1 year ago

Last Friday, one of the barangay officials/ representative went over out street to ask for anyone who wants to be vaccinated. The vaccine is Moderna and you'll just need to enlist your full name and phone number so when you get to the vaccination site, you will be assisted.

My father is senior citizen so he's at risk but his doctor told him that he can't be vaccinated since he has an ongoing medicine intake for his pulmonary tuberculosis and his body couldn't take any medicine at the moment.

My mom is already vaccinated at the city hall since she's a street sweeper. Her job makes her at risk of getting infected so the city hall decided to put them on the priority list for the vaccine. Besides, she is also the one who goes out often to buy groceries and other essential items for our house.

I have two younger brothers at home who doesn't go out often. They both college students who has an online class so there's no reason for them to go out. They spend most of their time at home even before the pandemic happened. Which is also a good thing.

My older sister is currently unemployed but she is a freelancer as well, who has been seeking for a job. She decided to resign from her toxic workplace and apply to a new position. She is now up to her final interview and she often goes out of the house since she is still earning money with her freelance jobs.

I am the always been sickly family member who is currently on a work from home setup. I just need a good and stable internet connection so that I can keep on working from home. I am on mid shift and my work is from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. I'm blessed because even if the work is difficult I still have the opportunity to earn and help my family.

I woke up at 10 a.m. that day and my family asked me if I want to get vaccinated. One of the good things that day is when my boss gave me a two hour time off so I logged in at 5 p.m.

My mom, my sister and I went to the vaccination site at around 12 noon riding a public transportation. When we get to the site, the process was smooth and easy. It was raining and thankfully there are many people there who are assisting us.

After filling out forms, My sister and I went to the step one which is getting interviewed by the doctor for a few different things listed on the checklist. It only took around one minute to go to the step two which is to get vaccinated. The personnel who administered the shot showed me the vaccine I'm getting, told me that it was for my first dose and made sure to inject it to me carefully. I was then given a vaccine card which shows that I am indeed vaccinated with all my other information and the next date of my appointment.

We were then led to the step three or last step where we were asked to sit and stay for 15 minutes and provided us a brief seminar about the things that we might feel or experience after getting vaccinated as well as the do's and don'ts. They also made sure to record our vaccine card before allowing us to leave the site.

After 15 to 30 minutes, were good to go and we were also ushered outside the vaccination site so the next batch can come and be briefed.

Upon coming home, me, my mom and my sister cleaned ourselves then order a meal for us to eat. There were mo major effects that day and I was till able to work until 1 a.m.

Upon waking up today, I felt like my whole body is heavy plus the fact that my left arm where I've been vaccinated is painful. I've been feeling sick and I'm glad that I have taken paracetamol yesterday after being vaccinated and today as well. It was uncomfortable and I felt like I'm feverish but other than that there are no other side effects which is indeed a good thing because it means that my body is developing antibody.

Upto this moment I still don't feel well. I'm also happy because the vaccine is free. The vaccination site are just two rides away from home, we are safe and sound.

If ever you are given the chance to get vaccinated please do so. I highly encourage you to choose to get vaccinated so that you and your family will be a lot safer. Make sure to take a rest after being vaccinated and drink paracetamol. If you can't go to work for a day or two then don't do so. You'll need rest since your body is recovering and forming antibodies.

Also, always follow the health protocols. Do not go out if it's unnecessary. Wear your mask and face shield at all times. Never forget the social distancing. Have proper diet and exercise regularly.

It's better to be distanced today so we can be together tomorrow.

It's better to get vaccinated today than to worry for you and your family.

It's better to stay at home even if you've been vaccinated since there is no guarantee that after you've been vaccinated you won't have Covid.

Most importantly, never forget to pray and have faith that all these things shall also come to an end.

Keep safe everyone!



August 28, 2021


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I was vaccinated last August 18, there's a 6 station in our vaccination area first one is registration and finding names on list, next is to get a form then fill up, third is screening, asked our name and qr code, 4th is taking form and give vaccination card, fifth is vaccination then last is monitoring of BP, that was lots of stations intp the end I've successfully got vaccine and my second dose is on September 8.❤❤

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1 year ago

That's nice to hear. It's better to be protected than be worrisome that you and your family might be infected.

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