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2 years ago

There are different things that happens to us on a daily basis. Just like in movies, we are the main characters of our own life stories. Our stories might not by loved by many but it surely is a memorable part of being who we are today.

We will never come to this point of our lives if we don't have the will to live and survive. Out of all the miseries we have experienced no one is interested enough to know your story.

People easily judge you by your one time act. People hate you for being you. People often think of you as a joke. Sometimes as a tool for their own entertainment or for their pleasure.

If you have nothing to offer, you are looked down. Your worth is measured based on your wealth, beauty and your background. You see, your family name has a huge impact in your life. You're blessed if you're from a wealthy family, born with a golden or silver spoon in your mouth.

If you're a commoner like me, the chances are as seldom as the shooting star. You constantly have to prove your worth and it's an exhausting thing to do as it is a battle which has been decided even before you were born.

My life is a little different now, compared to the life we had when we were in the province. We were banished from our own home. My father's piece of land was taken from him. We were laughed and treated as a joke but there are a few kind people who took us in even if we weren't even relatives.

Isn't it ironic as to how a stranger is kinder than your real family? Isn't it a shame to be thrown away from your own home because they wanted to take what's yours? The greed of people is buried deep in their hearts. They'll surely make excuses after excuses just to put you down.

Life is full of ups and downs. There's no such thing as a perfect life. Even the richest people in the world has their own adversaries. They might have all the riches of the world but those riches are useless. They can't even bring it in the next life.

There's no God they say. They don't believe that there's a God who is good if He allows this pandemic to happen. There's no God since there's natural calamities and people die. People kill one another but aren't you just too naive to believe such lie?

Do you want to live in a world filled with robots? Aren't you happy that you have the chance to choose what you want to do? Aren't you happy that no one dictated what you can do? The Lord created us to be able to do what we want to do.

If you blame every single bad thing that happens in the world to God, don't you believe in Him as well? Aren't you just trying to conceal it by saying you don't believe that He exists?

Denying ones existence doesn't mean that He doesn't exist. In fact, He does. He's watching over you. He's patiently waiting for you to call unto Him.

People hate the truth for it hurts, on the other hand, they love lies for it comforts them. How foolish is that kind of mindset?

Without further ado, I'd like to share to you the reasons why I write. You might have read my previous articles but this one is quite different from those. You might not like what's written in here but I hope you take some time to po der what I've written. I hope you find some time to finish this article as you've started reading it.

The reason why I write is to express myself. It is the only way I can say what I want to say without being judged. The tone of my voice is hidden by every single word I've written. I don't have to hide the things I've written from those whom I don't want to learn about it. I don't have to defend myself and just write what I want to write at the moment.

I write to release everything that bothers me. In this way, I don't have to take too much of the time of the people around me. At least those who took some time to read this has the idea that not everyone has the same statues as others.

I write to remind myself that what I feel at the moment is important. It's a blanket of comfort and a form of release for me. It makes me feel at ease knowing that I have an outlet to share my troubles with.

I don't have much people to talk to. What I do have is this platform to share my feelings at the moment.

I write to organize my thoughts. It's way too exhausting to just think about it. I have to write to release my mind from overthinking. As the ideas flow freely from my mind, my hands write down what it says. This way I convey what's on my mind.

To be honest, no one is interested enough to know me or know what I feel, but with me writing it down is enough to keep me going.

Others will be able to comprehend that everyone has their own battles. This is mine. What's yours?


January 13, 2021


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I wanna give you the warmest hug. You have helped me overcome my writer's block. I read almost all the new articles you post since we crossed paths. I would love to know you beyond this platform, but I understand you might be stingy with revealing yourself. I myself I love my anonymity, but I am willing to make an exception.

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2 years ago

Sure. I'm hoping to know you too 💖

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2 years ago

Do you have telegram?

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I don't.

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