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Last night, I was cleaning the house since my sister is at work and I am still awake late at night. I decided to clean a small of section of the house hoping to make sure that there will be a space for my paperworks. I was watching anime while cleaning and I'm not in a hurry to do anything. I then decided to type in all the expenses I've had, the debts I have to pay and the money I'm holding for my father's columbarium.

After that, I kept all the receipts from all my purchases for future reference. I made sure to keep it in a pouch which I can easily access when needed. I think I first wrote and published my article about IPON CHALLENGE way back October and I was planning to start it next year but I know that if if don't start it now, I won't be able to start the next year.

I actually wanted to buy these amazing booms from Chinkee Tan so I'll have a guide and motivation while saving up but it just so happen that I was unable to pay for it because my GCash has no money. So it's still on my cart at the moment.

I've already had my first paycheck for 1 1/2 months where I saved 20% to the bank account I have when I was still working on the BPO company. After that, I started paying my debts little by little as well as purchasing Christmas gift for the kids because they deserve it. My nephew and nieces are honor students while some of them are my godchildren as well.

Last night, I checked my wallet and saw that there are red bills which j then decided to save up for the Ipon Challenge. I also saved up a few new 5 peso coins as additional savings. I put it in a milk tea tumbler wherein instead of throwing it away, I then decided to recycle it by using it for my ipon challenge. It has a one liter volume so I'll definitely be able to fit a lot of paper bills and coins there. It was supposed to be a piggy bank but my family doesn't like it as it causes family to get sick where the money from the savings will be used. I just need to open up the lid then drop the folded 50 peso bill inside. So as of now, I already have two savings. One is directly to my other bank account while this one is for all the money that I'll be able to touch or get ahold of for a year.

I was supposed to save up yellow bills but when I went to withdraw cash, all the bills that came out from the ATM are yellow, which means to say that I can't save it because I have a lot of things to pay for. I then decided to save up the red bills instead. I think that name for this challenge is the invisible 50 pesos challenge.

Everytime that I will receive 50 pesos, I will treat it as an invisible money which means to say that will directly go to my savings. The purpose of this ipon challenge is discipline. I need to be disciplined enough to lessen my expenses to what is only needed.

I also want to go somewhere next year for my birthday celebration or for Christmas. I would like this money that I'll be saving to be used for meaningful and memorable things. I know that it will never be easy but it will definitely be worth it once I already finished saving up for a year. The date on the milk tea container is December 3, 2021 which means that I'll open it by December 3, 2022.

Aside form that, before this year ends, my goal is to pay all my debts and embrace new year with nothing but savings in mind. Actually I'm also planning to set aside money for my own emergency fund. I plan to save up 500 per month for it. I just need to be consistent in order to finish it.

Aside from that, when those people who has debt on me pays me, I'll put it in the bank right away as additional savings. It's important to learn and know how to save up money especially during this pandemic. I would also love to make sure that by next year, I will have no debts anymore.

I actually have pending treat to my former co workers in BPO which I'm also planning to treat them to a Samgyupsal by this year but given the circumstances that I still need to pay for my breached contract so I don't know when I'll be able to do it.

At the moment, my focus is to save up money and pay my debts.


December 4, 2021


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