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Flaws + Awesome = Flawsome

I remember watching an episode of America's Next Top Model where the models, modeled their flaws. As gorgeous as they look, many of them shared their own struggles about how they look. I can never forget that episode because it has been an eye opener to me to me that no one is beautiful enough for everyone. People always has something to say about how you look, how you dress up and how you carry yourself.

Each of us has a flaw which we somehow want to get rid of. It can also cause us to have insecurities and other negative thoughts about ourselves. I also have a fair share of insecurity myself. I guess I was just too good at handling it unlike others who has deep scars and emotional damage with them. Whenever people are bothered with how I look and how I dress up, I see to it that that my skills and talent s are what makes me more beautiful than them. I am happy with myself and if I am an eyesore to others, it's not my problem anymore.

Skin. Nobody has the same skin complexion. It can be dry, fair, brown, white, smooth, rough, freckled, or it can even have stretch marks. Truth is we love the idea that the lighter the skin shade, the better. That's there are different whitening products sold all over the world.

Here in the Philippines, when you have white skin complexion, you are not beautiful, you just have a white skin. When you have a dark skin tone, people say that you are beautiful when you have your skin lightened. The world has created the standard of beauty based on skin color. When you go to the grocery store, supermarket or beauty shops, you'll see different skin whitening products. There are soaps, lotions, and even capsules to take. Many people patronize this because they love the idea that self improvement includes your skin color. Which I don't think matters at all.

Hair. In a world where look matters, you have to go with the flaw and keep going with the trend. You are beautiful when you have a long, straight hair. Color you hair. Straighten it. Keep it long. No matter how a person try to keep her own look, many people will criticize her for it.

No one is contented enough on how he looks like. Everyone wants to keep changing their appearance in order to fit in. A woman's hair must not be too short or a man's hair must not be too long. You must always get your hair done so that no one has anything to say about it.

Face. You must have a flawless face. Acne, pimples, white heads, blackheads and other facial flaw must not be seen in you. This is the reason why many women loves the idea of wearing make up. Women are labeled and considered beautiful when they have make up on. The impression that women are subjected to beauty by their face is rampant. Your value is based on how you look.

No one likes to see a bare face or natural beauty. Different skin care routines are done in order to have a flawless face. Different beauty products entice people to keep on using it because it's what makes them beautiful. This is also the reason why many people use filters. Many old people can't accept the fact that they are growing old and that their bodies are not the same anymore.

Body. You must have abs in order to be considered sexy. You must have muscles in order to be considered healthy. You must not have a single scar or dark shade on your skin. Your body size, body shape and height matters. You must have an hour glass body shape, flat tummy, and you must look like a model.

When you're too skinny, you are considered unhealthy or anorexic. When you're too fat, you're an obese, overweight and they will call you names. When you are a flat-chested girl or you don't have the butt they see with models, then you are not sexy. When you are a man with bulging stomach then you are labeled as an old man. Many people are so obsessed with the idea of having the perfect body shape so they indulge themselves with too much workout and unhealthy diet.

Fashion. You have to wear banded and trendy clothes, shoes, hats, eye wear and so much more. If you don't wear these then you are labeled with no sense of fashion. Many people loves to flex their outfits in different social medias.

When you have eyeglasses you are nerd. When you have braces you are like Betty La Fea. When you wear clothes that covers your whole body, you are too conservative. You're like a granny. When you wear revealing clothes, you are too slutty and it's like inviting men to disrespect you. When men wear suits, it's like they are showing off. Imagine living in a world where everything becomes an issue even when it shouldn't.

Everyone is so obsessed with the fact and idea that beauty on the outside is what matters the most.

Truth is nobody's perfect. Each person has a flaw. No matter how much you try to conceal and hide the real you, your identity will never change. Who you are is much important than who others think you are.

What's the use of being beautiful and never aging when your attitude is a trash? Your looks might entice people to want to get closer to you but it's your heart that keeps them with you. You might have the most beautiful lips but it doesn't matter if everything that comes out from it are pure contempt and slander. You might have the most beautiful eyes in the world, but it doesn't matter if you look at others as if they are lesser than you. You might have the perfect face and body but it doesn't matter if you only care about yourself. Your external beauty is not as important as your internal beauty.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful and becoming beautiful. It is actually part of self growth and self development. I just want to warn you about the possibility of losing who you are by trying to keep on reaching the standards of the world. There's nothing wrong about wanting to wear expensive and flashy clothes as long as you have the money for it. But if you're only doing it to follow the trend, I suggest you to stop impressing other people and start expressing your self. Change yourself for yourself, not for other people.

I want you to know that no matter how you look or how you dress up, what matters is what's inside your heart. It's your heart that makes you really beautiful. A good heart is always beautiful ni matter how much you age physically.

Physical looks and beauty will surely fade, but the beauty and goodness of the heart will never fade. It stays there and it's what makes you Flawsome. Your looks and skills might be overlooked due to your physical appearance but your flaws are what makes you for who you are.

Our flaws make us awesome.

I am beautiful in my own way.

My flaws make up who I am.


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We live in a society where body shaming is joke to many people and the victim have to fake the laugh.

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Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my article. I appreciate it a lot. ❤️ Sadly, body shaming has been the norm which is rampant nowadays.

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