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1 year ago

Have you ever wondered how a person can be so happy even if he doesn't have everything? He always has a smile on his face and warm embrace for anyone he comes across with. He has problems because all of us have problems but he is someone who has always been the cheerful and he lives his life as if it's his last. Then, I remembered how a positive point of view can make a huge difference in life.

I'm forever grateful to God for a lot of things and this day, I realized that I haven't been grateful enough for the past few days.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be alive until now. It only means that you still have a task for me to do and you're not done with me yet.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. I have always prayed for my father's complete and total healing as well as his long life and you answered it by taking him to Your kingdom. You answered my prayers not in the way I was expecting it but the fact and assurance that he is with You for eternity puts my heart at peace.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to continue living even after the undescribable pain in my heart after loosing my father. I'm not okay. I'm still healing but with the prayers of the people you put in my life, I have the support I need.

Thank you Lord for my family. I am grateful for a complete and happy family. I grew up with married parents who always want what's best for me and my siblings. You made them my parents so I will see you in them.

Thank you Lord for my new job. You allowed me to go through the pain of losing my father yet you have given me the chance to have the desire of my heart which is teaching. After trying the second time, you allowed me to receive an answered prayer because you have seen that I'm finally ready for it.

Thank you Lord for giving me an imperfect but healthy body. I have flaws and I've always been sickly but You allowed me to still be alive and You have always been my healer inside out. You have always been within my reach. You are someone I can always call in times of need.

Thank you Lord for your forgiveness. That even after I've done so many sins which I never wanted to think about anymore, you have forgiven and loved me the way a father will always do to His children. You have always been a good, good father to me.

Thank you Lord for giving me skills, talent and abilities which made me even more unique. You have empowered me to do greater and wonderful things. I can't do anything on my own so I'll forever be grateful that you made me for who I am.

Thank you Lord for making me see, appreciate and realize a lot of things in life. You are indeed a God who gives what a person needs when he needs it as long as it's according to Your purpose for his life. You are indeed an amazing God.

I'm grateful for more things but I'll end this here. Thank you Lord. And I'll forever be grateful to you for the things that I have and I do not have as well as the things that you allowed me to experience and encounter. I love you Lord. Please tell my papa that I love and I miss him dearly.


March 2, 2022


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Your work inspired us of being thankful of how grateful we are in life. Long live ma freind and keep the good work and may our god always blessed you.

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