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Fact Sheet

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Before reading this, I would want to let you know that I have written this to state a few facts. You might not agree with a few things in this article but please be mindful that what's stated here are facts on a sheet of paper that's why it is entitled Fact Sheet.

People can't always agree with you but what's important is not their agreement, it is letting them know the truth.

❤️ Life isn't always about happiness.

~ Sadness, pain, distress, challenges, problems, trials, and other negativities are also part of life.

❤️ You can never please everyone.

~ Each one has his own preference. People always has something to say about you whether you do good or you do bad.

❤️ Failure is part of life.

~ You will never know that you have succeeded if you haven't experienced failure. It is a process that must be done.

❤️ Anyone can hurt you.

~ The people who hurts us most are the people who are dear to us. The talk of the strangers are hurtful but the talk of the people dear to us is what's more painful.

❤️ Many people will look at your 1 mistake out of your nine corrects.

~ People has the tendency to look at your mistakes rather than the things you did right.

❤️ A bully was bullied.

~ It is never normal for a person to become a bully. A bully once experienced being bullied that's why he was able to do the same thing to people who are weaker than him.

❤️ When a person doesn't value you, whatever you do will never be enough.

~ When babies are born everyone instantly falls in love with him. But when the baby is no longer a baby, everyone has forgotten the ones lovely baby. This is to say that you must do your best and allow the people around you to judge for themselves.

❤️ The only constant thing in this world is change.

~ Innovations are seen everywhere as well as the once loved one becomes a completely changed person as if you have never been able to know him.

❤️ Your vote counts.

~ It doesn't matter watever you do or who you are. Your vote can change a whole country into a better one or when you don't vote, your water vote can harm the entire country you're in.

❤️ We love the idea of being loved yet we are afraid of loving.

~ Many people are afraid to take the risk. Thinking that things are a lot better doing nothing in order to make someone feel loved.

❤️ You can never ask someone to treat you the same way you treat them.

~ Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. This is a golden rule and yet it doesn't specify that the same person whom you've done right are the same person who will help you as well. Others refer to others, meaning there's no specifics.

❤️ Each of us has a fare share of secret.

~ No secret will forever stay a secret. You must be careful of whom you share your secrets with.

❤️ Each one of us has a struggle to go through.

~ Be kind enough not to compare your hardships to someone else's hardship. You are different from him and so your hardships might look identical but completely different.

❤️ We all have one thing in common and that is wanting to be different.

~ No one wants to be known for being someone else. We all want to be recognized for who we are.

❤️ We all have battle scars.

~ As a child grows up, scars are left form different wounds caused by different reasons. It's not something to be ashamed of because it's a proof that you have survived a battle.

❤️ Looks often overpower potential.

~ The reason why insecurities are common is because beauty is measured by looks. Your potential is useless if you aren't able to meet the standard of beauty of the world.

❤️ We always want more.

~ We are never contented of what we have. We always want something new. We always want more even if that more is unnecessary.

❤️ We are all liars.

~ It's a lot easier to say I'm okay than to state all the reasons why you're not. It's difficult to be truthful because truth hurts.

❤️ Words are powerful.

~ Words can either make you or break you. Whatever words you speak can either kill or heal.

❤️ We love the people who doesn't love us back.

~ We keep on wanting someone who doesn't belong to us. We keep on loving someone who can never love us the same way we love them.

❤️ Life is a matter of choice.

~ Your life now is the product of your choices. It might not what you want but it is what you get.

❤️ I love you is not a question but it's painful when there's no answer.

~ Each one of us has said I love you at some point but we expect people to tell us the same thing. We expect an 'I love you too' even when we know that the other person is not required to answer back.

❤️ We normalize sin.

~ Truth hurts that's why when we say it many people are against us. Anything that is declared sin will always be sin no matter how you try to twist the truth. It will all boil to one conclusion. SIN is SIN.

❤️ You will realize the value of someone or something when it's already gone.

~ The truth is all of us knows that what we have must be treasure but because of our selfishness, we overlook it and feel the pain when it's gone.

❤️ Family is family.

~ Family isn't always about being blood related, some family aren't blood related yet considers each one as family. No matter what family you have, you will never be you without them.

❤️ We don't know the real meaning of faithfulness.

~ Faithfulness is a daily decision to make. You can never justify your unfaithfulness even once for being almost always faithful.

❤️ Crying isn't for weak.

~ One of the reasons why most men don't show their is because of the term 'musculinity'. It is not manly when a man cries. It's a big fat lie. Crying is a sign of strength. You are strong enough to admit your pain through your tears.

❤️ At some point we will be alone.

~ We can't always have someone on our side. We must teach ourselves to survive with or without them around us.

❤️ White lies or whatever color of lie, LIE is still a LIE.

~ Do not justify lying. Lying is hurtful and evil. Many people are unhappy due to getting deceived and deceiving.

❤️ Sorry is no longer an action it's a word.

~ When you're sorry, see to it that you will not repeat the same thing. What's the use of law of sorry is enough?

❤️ Cheating is a choice.

~ Please don't give the excuse of 'its not my intention to cheat' or 'its just a misunderstanding'. The fact that you have cheated means to say that you chose to do so.

❤️ Turning a blind eye is a lot easier that getting involved.

~ Let's face it. We don't want prying with other people's lives yet we gossip about others. Pretending that nothing is wrong than facing the problem becomes a habit.

❤️ Loving doesn't mean tolerating.

~ If someone was able to hurt you once or twice for the same reason, it is acceptable but if he keeps on repeating the same thing, it's for you to decide.

❤️ Blocking, unfollowing or unfriending is a sign of maturity.

~ This means that you are matured enough not to keep yourself attached to toxic people.

❤️ We can spend hours browsing on social media but we can't even spare a minute to read the Bible.

~ Many people think that there is no God or that they don't need God. You know what, not because you don't believe it, He isn't true. God is real. Don't wait for the moment when you can no longer go to Him.

❤️ We can spend hours talking to someone and yet we can't even spare a minute to pray.

~ When we pray, the situation doesn't drastically change it is our hearts that does.

❤️ We can be kind to others but we can't be kind to ourselves.

~ We beat ourselves for something undoable. What's done is done. The best thing to do is to learn from mistakes and do what's the right thing next time.

❤️ We are oftentimes driven by emotions.

~ Our rationality is gone when we are too emotional. We allow ourselves to drown to our emotions that we forget that everything isn't just about emotions.

❤️ Most people are talkers than doers.

~ It's a lot easier to talk than to act. When you talk you only use your mouth to spout nonsense but when you act you use your whole body and mind.

❤️ Who ever is seated as president, the president will always have bashers.

~ No president has ever been seated who won the favor of all the people in his country. He will always have haters and opposers.

❤️ We want everything in an instant.

~ Instant noodles + instant living = instant life. We must move our muscles as well not just our fingers to get what we want.

❤️ Your value is based on your wealth.

~ You are valued when you have money, game and power, but when you don't have those you are nothing.

❤️ Your degree can naver guarantee you success.

~ Your degree is useless if you're lazy. Showcase your skills and talent so you will surely become successful.

❤️ Whether we have money or we don't, we will always have problems.

~ Problems are what reminds us that we're still alive and kicking. Money can't buy us happiness (Price tag by Jessie J)

❤️ For better or worse, till death do us part is just a phrase.

~ You can get married today then get divorced the next day. We have forgotten that marriage is a sacred thing. It is a promise that has been broken not just onece or twice but for a million times.

❤️ Commiting sex is never okay.

~ Sex is God's gift to humanity to reproduce. It's not just about getting physical pleasure. It must be done by a husband and wife, not by just friends or steangers. Most importantly it must not be done by teenagers. Study first.

❤️ Many people are afraid of commitment.

~ Relationships without label is the new trend. You act as Lovers yet you don't have distinct label for what you have.

❤️ Truth hurts.

~ This is the undeniable truth. Truth hurts. Whether you like it or not.

❤️ The world is slowly dying and we are just watching it die.

~ There is only one earth. If we don't act now, we will surely reach the certain point of not having any world to live in.

❤️ Most adults are irresponsible.

~ Maturity is not determined by age. It is determined by being responsible and taking responsibility with your words and actions.

❤️ All lives matter.

~ Humans, animals and nature. All of these things matter. Humans are not the only ones breathing. We are not the only residents of this world.

❤️ You are you.

~ No matter how much you try to change yourself, you are you. That fact will never change.

❤️ Hurt people, hurt people.

~ When we are hurt, we have the tendency to hurt others. So when you are hurt, allow yourself to calm down before speaking.

❤️ We don't honor our parents enough.

~ We can spend money for our special someone and yet we can't even spare our parents a few bills. We can't even take them out on a date or go for a shopping spree.

❤️ We tend to settle for less.

~ Why settle for less when you can have the best? Only settle for the best.

❤️ We know what we must do but we don't do it.

~ One of the best examples about this is exercise. We want to lose weight and extra fats but we don't want to exercise.

👄 One should never be afraid of telling the truth. Whether you like it or not. Truth is truth. It is hurtful because it's the truth. But as you share the truth, you must do it with love.


November 22, 2020


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Written by   15
1 week ago
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I can relate everything in this Fact Sheet , Specially for those bashers of our government. YOUR DEGREE CAN NEVER GUARANTEE A SUCCESS, Its up to a person's determinations as much as they dont give up . Keep on Writing Ma'am! ^_^

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1 week ago

These fact sheet is all FACTS you can relate this on your life. Thanks for this bro keep posting. Cheers

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1 week ago

Actually it's a sis. Thank you I'll keep posting more articles.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Oh I mean, sis. Apologies for that. Good to hear it

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1 week ago

OMG! This is really the fact sheet. Fact sheet is the absolute truth. I so much love this article, good job.

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1 week ago

Thank you.

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1 week ago