Even adults can be wrong sometimes

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2 years ago

Last night I have gone through this manga with the line "Even adults can be wrong sometimes." It left me with an impression that this line is also right and this might be just the right words for me to know last night.

The older generation is looked up to for being wise. They are wise in making decisions or even in everyday living they also give the best advice to the young people, but I can't leave the fact that they are also humans. They also have limitations and they can't always be right. They also commit mistakes.

They can also say inappropriate words, or do unacceptable acts and even though they are adults they also somehow needed someone who can tell them their mistakes. They might have the higher authority but they are also humans prone to mistakes.

I grew up in a family in which respect is highly implemented. I am the sixth among us eight siblings so I have 5 older siblings, mother and father who are to be respected in our household. The good thing is that we are allowed to voice out our opinions and explain our sides when we are also on point. We just have to do it in a nice and polite manner.

I remember whenever I am scolded for something I did which is unacceptable or rude, my parents and older siblings ask me to explain my side but I am not the type to do so. I don't like explaining myself especially when I know that even before I explain they already have judgment in their minds that no matter what I say I am accountable for what I did or did not do. This also proves that I don't want to try and make myself better by explaining myself. I know when I did wrong and I admit that I'm not perfect. I commit mistakes and I have to face the consequences for it.

The discipline of my parents of voicing out our opinion and telling them in a nice way if ever they did wrong is an indication that they acknowledge that they are not always right. Not because they are adults they don't make mistakes.

I believe that this is something that must be addressed. The level of maturity of a person is not based on age. The level of maturity is based on the responsibilities place on a person's shoulders. Not because you have reached a certain age or level, you can never commit mistakes.

At the age of 23 I can say that I still have a lot to learn and I admit that I make mistakes and I needed someone who will guide me in order for me not to repeat the same mistakes because at the end of the day, it's for my own good.

For me, not acknowledging that you made a mistake is already a mistake. Not because you're an adult you are always right. You make mistakes from time to time and it doesn't make you any less of a person.

Mistakes are what teaches us to become better and do better. It'spart of life, but we must also learn from it. It's foolish to commit the same mistake twice or more times in a row.

For example, you fell on a manhole when you walked on a side walk early this morning, then in the afternoon you walked on the same path and fell on the same manhole. When the evening came, you walked on the same path and fell on the same manhole AGAIN.

If you kept repeating the same 'mistake', that isn't called 'mistake' anymore. That is what we call intentional. You intended to repeat and go through the same process even when you know the end of it.

Learn from your mistakes. Make it a habit to reflect with yourself and admit that you still have a long way to go in order to be the best version of yourself.

Mistake is not something that we must be afraid of. It is actually something that we must embrace because it's the part of us which reminds us that we are humans. We are never perfect and it's okay.

Let us break the stigma that adults are always right and the younger generation are always wrong. Truth is, the younger generation are right sometimes but that is actually the purpose of the older generation. We are here to guide and help the next generation to become the best they can be. We can never do that if we keep on trying to make ourselves look perfect.

To all the adults please beware that not everything you do is right. We can also be wrong sometimes. Admitting that we are wrong doesn't mean that we are weak or that we are not worthy to be looked up to. Making mistakes are natural. It's normal.

To all the young people please know that there's nothing wrong with trying to defend yourself form adults as long as you do it in a nice and polite way. Pointing out someone's mistake is not a free pass for you to disrespect anyone.

Anyone can make a mistake. Parents, grandparents, professionals, adults, young adults, celebrities,

What's important is you acknowledge your mistakes and learn from it and make sure not to repeat it.

Just a piece of advice, it's never wrong to accept correction from others regardless of their age or gender. When someone points out your mistake it's an indication that they care about you and they just want you to become better. It's never wrong to sincerely apologize for a committed mistake. What's wrong is to never admit that you needed to be corrected and keep on making yourself believe that what you have done is right.

Even my parents apologize when they know that they have committed mistakes. It doesn't make them any less as parents, it actually makes us respect them even more because they are wise and courageous enough to admit that they also have shortcomings. They also take time to listen to us and understand our side. They wait for us to finish our turn to speak before they tell us what we needed to know and learn.

When I become a parent myself, I will also apply this type of discipline to my future kids. I will allow them to tell me my mistakes in a nice and polite way and listen to them just as to how my parents listened to me.


December 3, 2020


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